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Is God Falsifiable?

Religious believers often tell me that science can prove God exists. It is at this point that I start laughing in their face. But still they insist on continuing this line of evangelism.

Next the theist will use the argument by design, the first cause argument, the fine tuning argument, and a handful of other failed arguments to prove their point. I always find it funny that they seem to think I have never heard these arguments before and that they have just invented something new or were imparting some kind of grant revelation to me. But that is really beside the point. The point is that none of their arguments are scientific.

In order to be classified as science in any sense at all, the proposition must be falsifiable. To the religious believe, God is a non-falsifiable proposition. To prove this point, I often ask the believer what evidence would be required to prove their proposition false. For this they often don’t have an answer. If they are one of the few who has thought about this, then they have already taken their first steps down the road of doubt. All we have to do from here is encourage them to continue to thinking critically.

Is atheism falsifiable? Hell yeah. Sorry about that, I couldn’t resist the joke. Seriously though, all God has to do to disprove an atheists lack of belief is to provide one hundred percent absolute proof of his existence. In fact, as I pointed out in my recent video, The Ontological Argument for Disproving God, the mere fact that there are atheists actually falsifies and disproves the existence of God.

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