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Is The Pope Christian?

Sometimes Christians really do amaze me with their ridiculous claims. But it is when they may ridiculous claims about other Christians that I have to laugh the most. There is an old expression, “Is the Pope Catholic?” The expression is meant to show that the answer to a question is obviously yes. But if you ask many fundamentalist Christians if the Pope is Christian, you might be surprise at their answer.

Catholics and Protestants are still fighting their Christian civil war. But now instead of violence they use rhetoric. When they aren’t attacking atheists, it can be pretty fun to watch them attack each other.

The Catholic Church brags that they are the original church set up by Paul and they have an unbroken doctrinal chain to support that they are the one true church. Just ask Catholic fundamentalist wacko Michael Voris. The Pope even claims that all none Catholic Christians (and non-Christians) are going to be tortured for all eternity in Hell.

The Protestants often claim that the Catholic Church is polytheism because they promote the worship of saints. Oddly enough, those Protestants don’t consider worship of the trinity to be polytheism. In any case, Protestants also complain about other aspects of the Catholic Church (no, not pedophilia), the communion. They claim that they are the true Christians and that the Catholics have it all wrong.

Then we can throw in the Mormons and watch the real fireworks begin. The Catholics and the Protestants suddenly start asking the Mormons all the questions non-Christians ask all three groups. Each group claims to be the True Scotsman and it is just fun to watch.

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  • Johnny Relentless

    And let’s not forget that Vatican I supporters such as Mel Gibson’s dear ole dad who claim that all popes since the 1960s are usurpers, basically for not being (quite) as bigotted as their predecessors.