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God’s Judging You, Not Christians

Yesterday, I heard an excerpt from the new Piers Morgan show on CNN in which Christian motivational speaker Joel Osteen commented that he isn’t judging gay people, but God says it’s a sin. He claims that is in the “scriptures.”

Joel Osteen doesn’t hate gays, God does. Joel is a really nice guy. He loves everyone, but that God character, he’s an asshole. At least that is what it sounds like the way Joel Osteen tells it.

Sure, the Bible says a lot of really crappy things and everyone ignores most of it. People are selective with what they choose to “find” in the “scriptures.” No one is picketing Red Lobster or stoning people who work on Saturdays. But that is not the point today. Today, I want to talk about the use of the Bible to hide hate.

Joel Osteen hates gay people. But, he wants to seem like a nice guy so instead he tells us that he doesn’t have a problem with gay people, but God hates gay people and he is just pointing that out. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really have a problem with Joel Osteen, but the Flying Spaghetti Monster hates his guts.

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  • Beverly

    Joel does not hate gays nor does God, but we all sin and no sin is worse than any other.

  • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

    That’s comforting, so what you are saying is that working on Saturday is the same as mass murder. Having sex with a same gender lover is worse than rape (not a sin). Fun stuff. I love the Bible, but the FSM considers it a ridiculous piece of bronze-aged fiction.

  • Larry Lipit0r

    Did someone say that Joel Osteen was gay? :)

  • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

    I didn’t, but the FSM thinks he is.

  • Michael Robert Green

    Joel Osteen……………. what a sack of Excrement!

  • http://www.socialinjustices.net dlevitt

    Nothing new here Staks. That’s why people adopted the bible as their mouthpiece, so that they wouldn’t ever have to take responsibility for their speech, or actions. Catholic priests preach God hates gays (sinners), what does that tell you?

  • theonlything2fear

    Staks…demonstrating your hatred for the Holy Bible by exposing a man, that’s right a man, that obviously has not comprehended the lessons on judging contained therein, leaves a lot to be desired about your so-called “dangerous talk”.

  • theonlything2fear

    Staks…just curious about your position in the matter of you and your wife making a baby. 1. Who decides when the newborn baby would take its first breath of air into its lungs? 2. Who decides when to start and stop breast feeding the baby? 3. Who decides when praise is to be given to the baby? 4. Who decides when punishment is to be given to the baby? 5. Who decides what to teach the baby about right and wrong? 6. Who makes the rules for your baby?

  • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

    What? I think you are being ridiculous here. First, Joel Osteen is certainly not alone in his view. It is likely that almost half the Christian in this country use the Bible as a shield for their own hatreds.

    Second, a double what? I really don’t see where my parenting decisions come into this conversation. But to answer your questions, my wife and I make those decisions together. I have written an Atheist 101 article on humanistic parenting. You might want to check that out.

  • theonlything2fear

    Nice. Let’s dissect your response, shall we?

    1. Am I being ridiculous for engaging you on your blog, or did you intend to knock me off my game by belittling my point of view right out of the gate?

    2. Please quote the scientific, or medical literature that demonstrates homosexuals have the same life expectancy as monogamous persons, before you quote other “so-called” Christians that share the views of Joel Osteen. Per the Bible I have read, homosexuality is unnatural and a sin, and sin leads to eternal separation from God.

    3. Please identify where you get the statistic that almost half the Christians in this country (Canada or USA?) use the Bible as a shield for their own hatreds.

    4. If I am a person full of hate on the basis that I warn my neighbor of a danger they may be unaware of, or ignore that danger to themselves for personal entertainment and satisfaction, then I reject your redefining of hatred.

    5. Ignoring my questions related to the parent child relationship by directing me to a parenting class you have authored leaves me wondering if you understood the premise. As you will eventually conclude, all human parenting is, well, human parenting. The Holy Bible instructs on proper parenting, properly separating the spiritual from the physical. The problem I sense with the so-called leaders of the Christian Church is they seem to design their beliefs around the Holy Bible being open to interpretation.

    Here’s a question I would appreciate you entertaining. If you somehow attained exactly half of all the knowledge there is to know about the universe, could a creator God exist in the half you don’t know?

  • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

    1. That’s not why you were being ridiculous.

    2. I don’t know what life expectancy has anything to do with this nor do I think any studies have bee done on such a ridiculous premise. Please quote me the scientific and/or medical study that shows that blue eyed people live longer and have a greater life expectancy than brown eyed people.

    I agree with you that the Bible says homosexuality is an abomination, but it also says that they are to be put to death. How many gays have you stoned?

    3. PEW, ARIS, and Harris Interactive.

    4. You are.

    5. I answered your question about parenting AND referred you to my paper on parenting. I still don’t get the relevance.

    5.5 I addressed that question in the Atheism 101 section in the article about it taking more faith to be an atheist. It is a flawed argument.