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Restoring Reason

While the forces of sanity and fear square off in our nation’s capital, the forces of reason are also converging. For those going to the Comedy Central rallies hosted by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, atheists are gathering together at the event.

I just posted an Examiner article with all the details. Unfortunately I will not be able to make the event, so I need your help. If you are going to the event in DC or to any of the smaller events in which people will be watching the dueling rallies on television, please take photos. I would love it if you would send me photos of atheists at these events. Also, Dangerous Talk needs to be represented. So if you are so going to the DC Rally, please consider printing out a Dangerous Talk Logo and waving it around.

I am disappointed that the rallies are taking place the night before Halloween and the last weekend before the election. That really is a bad time for this kind of event. They should have done it a few weekends earlier, but oh well. I do think this is a great event for atheists to come out in force and to show that we are out there and passionate about the political climate we live in.

It does annoy me that “sanity” is being mistaken for “apathy” in a weird sort of way. Usually people don’t rally for apathy (mainly because they just don’t care), but some of the signs I have seen that the Daily Show is trying to get people to hold seem to be more supportive of apathy than sanity and reason. So I am hoping atheists go to the rally with signs supporting reason and maybe even signs critical of religion. After all, Glenn Beck’s rally was primarily a religious one.

Print out a Dangerous Talk Logo, take lots of photos, e-mail them to me @DangerousTalk@Gmail.com, and post your any interesting stories here.

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  • http://www.atheistrev.com vjack

    I just hope the rallies can go on without perpetuating the myth that the far left is equally crazy/dangerous/etc. as the far right.