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Halloween Weekend Is Here!

This is going to be a pretty packed weekend. Saturday is of course the DC Rallies and Sunday is Halloween. I love Halloween. It is one of my favorite holidays.

I talk about why I love Halloween more in today’s Examiner Article, but I do have some reasons for loving Halloween that I only hinted at there. To give you some idea of how much I love Halloween, a few years ago I started the Halloween Forever Project here on Dangerous Talk. Although, I haven’t gotten a whole lot of submissions for this in the past, I am really hoping this year will be different.

So this weekend I am really asking a lot of all the Dangerous Talkers out there. If you are going to the DC rallies or going to watch the rallies with groups of people, I am asking you to take some photos with the DT Logo for a future blog and/or Examiner article. And I am asking you to take some photos with the DT Logo for the Halloween Forever Project.

Also, feel free to comment about any interesting Halloween conversations you have with the religious this weekend. Have fun and Trick or Treat! No, it’s not just for kids, dammit!
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