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Obama Becomes Superman

This wasn’t the topic I was planning on writing about today, but I think I would be remiss if I didn’t. President Barack Obama has already joked about being born on Krypton and talked about ridding the world of all nuclear weapons and now we has become a symbol of peace for the entire world. […]

Global Climate Change Isn’t Like Dusting Crops

Today, President Barack Obama went to the United Nations to give one of his signature speeches. This time, his speech was on the Global Climate Change problem. As always, the President was articulate and inspiring. He talked about the great threat that the world faces and even quoted John F. Kennedy. Dealing with the Global […]

Monopolies Too Big To Fail

In the early twentieth century, America was being held hostage by large corporations, monopolies, and trusts. The Governor of New York at the time made it his business to fight back against those monopolies and trusts which had control over both political parties. These industries were so afraid of the Governor’s ability to fight against […]

Obama: No I Can’t

Lately I have been very annoyed that President Obama has caved in to the massive power of the Republican minority on Health Insurance Reform. Many of my fellow Democrats are not as fired up and pissed off as I am. Many tell me that we need to take “baby steps” or that I need to learn how to “compromise.” Some even say that the President can’t just push through real meaningful health insurance reform.

The Public Option No One Can Opt Into

So I watched the President’s big speech last night and some of the reactions that followed. The President complimented the Republicans and even took many of their ideas and put them in his plan. He scaled back the Public Option so that it is only an option for those who can’t afford to pay for […]

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