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Are Religious Believers Stupid?

Are religious believers stupid? I get this question all the time ironically enough I get it the most from religious believers. My answer to this question is almost always the same. “Smart people can believe stupid things.” There is no doubt that the belief in the all-powerful god as described in the Torah/Bible/Koran based off […]

No Reasoning with the Religious?

Jonathan Swift famously stated that, “You cannot reason a person out of a position he did not reason himself into in the first place.” Many of my fellow freethinkers would agree with Mr. Swift on this. People get into religion for many reasons and yet almost none of which has to do with reason. I […]

I Didn’t Start The Conversation

For some reason, because I am a pretty outspoken atheist, religious people (even not so religious people) seem to go out of their way to start a religious conversation with me. That’s fine, I have no problem with that and always enjoy a good conversation about religion. The problem comes in sometimes when those people, […]

You‘re Going to Hell!

Well, it is April 1st, which means only one thing. I must really be a fundamentalist Christian and I have been tricking everyone all these years, right. Haha, April Fools! I bet I really got you with that one, right? Now that we got the obligatory prank out of the way, let me share with […]

Christians: Read Your Bible Again… For The First Time

I find that most Christians get so wrapped up in their bronze aged mythology that they seem to have a really hard time taking an objective look from a non-Christian perspective. There is an old saying about walking a mile (or some such distance) in someone else’s shoes or something. The fact is that the […]

How to De-Convert a Christian

People always ask me whether or not I think we are wasting our breath arguing with Christians. They tell me stories about how they discuss, debate, and/or argue religion with the religious and seem to get nowhere. “What’s the point?” they ask me. I have been discussing, debating, and arguing with Christians and other believers […]

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