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You‘re Going to Hell!

Well, it is April 1st, which means only one thing. I must really be a fundamentalist Christian and I have been tricking everyone all these years, right. Haha, April Fools! I bet I really got you with that one, right? Now that we got the obligatory prank out of the way, let me share with you a story. What if I had suddenly been saved? That is how salvation works right? One minute someone is a rational and well-adjusted individual and the next minute, the Holy Spirit has turned you into a mindless tape recorder of self-righteousness. That’s how “Born Again” Christianity works. Someone has an “experience” which is almost always emotionally charged and devoid of rationality and like a light-switch, instant fundy.

Meanwhile, fundamentalist/Born Again Christians don’t reject their religion overnight. That isn’t how atheism works. Atheism is a slow and usually painful process of realizing that one’s beliefs are quite simply ridiculous and full of holes. People don’t become atheists overnight. No light-switch of the unholy ghost will transform you while you are on an emotional roller coaster.  No, atheism takes thought. It takes calm, rational, thought in the privacy of one’s own mind usually hidden from friends and family for a while. De-conversion back to atheism starts with doubts and silent questioning of dogmatic doctrine.

Now my conversion to Jedi is sort of a mixture of the two. But that is another story for another day. I will end today’s blog with some words of wisdom from Jedi Master Yoda who once said, “You will know [the good side from the bad] when you are calm and at peace.”

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