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The Bible is Boring!

Recently, I stumbled upon an interesting atheist YouTube video. Yeah, I know there are a million of them and atheists pretty much own YouTube these days, but this one pointed out something that is really obvious. The Bible is boring.

The best selling book of all time really suck from both a literary and entertainment standpoint. The writing is just bad. I think I wrote about this once before, but I think it needs to be addressed again.

The Bible is long and boring. Apparently the creator of the universe can’t write for shit. God is alleged to be all-knowing and yet he doesn’t know how to write an interesting, entertaining, or consistent series of books.

Think about it, what would you rather read the entire Harry Potter series twice or the Bible once? I think this should be a challenge to all Christians. I don’t care if someone is a mainstream Christian, a fundamentalist Christian, or some other type of Christian. I think every Christian should be asked which they would rather read cover-to-cover (Harry Potter series twice vs. Bible once). I don’t mean in a hypothetical way either. I think ever Christian should actually commit to doing one or the other.

I wonder how many Christians would pick the Bible? The Harry Potter series is long and reading it twice is a bit much, but we have to make this challenging more interesting, because if it was just the Harry Potter series once, every Christian would pick it wands down.

In any case, here is the YouTube video that gave me the idea:

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