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Television Atheism

One of the things, which really helped the gay community in gaining more mainstream acceptance is the portrayal of gay characters on television. Shows like Will & Grace were able to introduce many who have never met a gay person to that community and to show that gay people are just like everyone else. Today, the same thing is happening with atheism.

While Dr. Gregory House may not be the best role model, he is one of the most visible atheists on television and a genius. Dr. Temperance Brennan and her team on Bones also showcase atheism as role models. It seems that all the smart television characters are atheists these days. Even the “fab four” of geniuses on The Big Bang Theory reject the concept of an all-powerful deity.

Adult cartoons like The Simpsons, The Family Guy, and South Park all take shots at religion in favor of a more atheistic point of view. The creator of The Family Guy is an outspoken atheist. The character of Brian on the show is the most intelligent member of the family and is openly atheist.

The more and more atheist characters that show up on television, the more mainstream Christians will be forced to think about their beliefs. In the past, science fiction was the only real genre in which religion was openly criticized. Shows like Star Trek, Stargate, and others were all long in this regard. Now, with mainstream television drama’s taking on these types of issues and showcasing these types of characters, atheism is becoming more mainstream and more acceptable.

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