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Christianity is More Dangerous than Scientology

I want to once again stress that I am not trying to defend Scientology, but I do think that Scientology performs a valuable service to our society for the moment. Right now, it serves as a comparison to show the dangers of Christianity.

In a previous blog, I talked about why I think that Christianity is wackier than Scientology. Today, I am going to talk about how in my view Christianity is far more dangerous both physically and psychologically than Scientology. My goal is to helps bring people of the Christian faith to reason when they are confronted with the comparison so that they can view the dangers of the Christian religion next to the dangers of a religion which most people view as very dangerous and show very simply which is actually more dangerous.

Let’s look at Scientology a little bit. One of the very valid criticisms of Scientology is that members are told to cut off contact with family and friends who are not Scientologists. SP’s and TPS’s are to be avoided and Scientologists ought to “disconnect” from them.

There are many different forms of Christianity, but many fundamentalist Christians view non-Christians as “heathens.” Those who are atheist activists are often viewed as “agents of Satan” or doing “the Devil’s work.” When college kids convert to fundamentalist Christians, they often hang out exclusively with their new Christian “fellowship” in meets, Bible studies, retreats, etc. until they are “strong enough in their faith.”

Scientology charges believers money for training classes so that they can advance along the “Bridge to Total Freedom.” Scientology uses brainwashing techniques to convince believers that they need this in order to be free of Thetans.

Christianity gives the Bible away and offers free Bible Studies. However there is a catch. There is always a catch. Church leaders use guilt to convince their believers to freely “donate” to the “collection plate.” How much one puts in the “collection plate” is between them and “God.” In other words, the all-powerful judge knows if you have donated properly and so believers are encouraged to donate sufficiently. God favors those who sacrifice more. The less you have the more you ought to donate. Believers are often praised for donating more than they can safely afford. Some Christians even brag about donating money they needed to pay the rent.

It is also important to note that not even counting the 2000 plus year head start Christianity has, the various Christian churches and Christian advocacy groups swindle more money a year than Scientology has swindled in their entire history.

There have been allegations that higher level Scientology members have beaten and physically abused lower level Scientology members. Those allegations are probably true. But put that next to the Inquisition, the Crusades, Catholic priests continued sexual abuse of boys, etc. etc. Scientology doesn’t even come close to being as dangerous as Christianity.

People often complain that Scientology goes after critics with an army of lawyers. This is a fair complaint, but Christianity not only has armies of lawyers, but also whole law schools and an army of legislatures who actually push to change the laws in their favor. There are huge mega-church movements why wage protest and letter-writing campaigns to private companies and legislatures.

The fact is that Scientology is newer and has not yet perfected the brainwashing techniques nor have they created the infrastructure of institutions needed to be anything close to as dangerous as Christianity. Scientology also doesn’t have the number of members to empower them to take the dangerous actions that Christianity has taken on issues like stem-cell research, abortion, contraceptive limitations, medical treatments, science education, etc. The list is nearly endless.

On every measurable level, Christianity is more dangerous than Scientology. In fact, even cult experts have been forced in to silence with regard to Christianity. Awhile back, I read off the list of “cult criteria” to a leading cult expert and asked him if Christianity fit that list. He told me no. Even though I sited example after example, reputable cult experts are afraid to put Christianity in the same category as they put Scientology which is far less dangerous and far more manipulative and self-destructive.

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