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Christianity is Wackier than Scientology

I am not trying to defend Scientology in today’s blog, but I do think that Scientology performs a valuable service to  our society for the moment. Now, I know what you are thinking, “what the hell can Scientology offer the rational world?” Well, I think it helps us to compare it to Christianity. In my view Christianity is far more unbelievable and far more dangerous than Scientology and it helps to bring people of the Christian faith to reason when you can compare the beliefs of the Christian religion to a religion which most people (especially Christians) view as clearly wacky and show very simply which is actually wackier.

Let’s look at Scientology a little bit. One of the more wacky aspects of Scientology is that of Xenu who is an evil alien dictator of the Galactic Confederacy who threw humans into a volcano and then nuked it 75 millions of years ago. Here is the funny thing about this story. As bizarre as it is, every part of it is possible. What I mean by that is that nothing about this story violates any of the laws of physics as we know them nor does this story contain magic of any kind or anything necessarily supernatural. This story as unlikely as it is and as fanciful as it is, is entirely contained within the natural world and our laws of physics. Even the Scientology idea that humans can learn how to use superpowers isn’t necessarily supernatural. In fact, the only thing in the Scientology story, which MAY even come close to supernatural, would be the idea of Thetans and even that idea really makes more sense than the Christian concept of the soul.

Speaking of which, let’s look at the bizarre story of Christianity. The basic Story of Christianity (because all Christians are different of course) is the story of the God Yahweh and his son Jesus. Right from the start, this story is already wackier than Scientology. A deity is much more unbelievable than an alien dictator. We live in a vast universe in which it is probable that other life could certainly exist and so it is possible for that life to be intelligent and to form Confederations and such. But a deity isn’t an alien life form, it is a supernatural being capable of violating the laws of physics. The Christian deity in particular is said to do exactly that in the form of miracles, which are impossible under the natural laws of physics.

But the Christian story gets crazier when we bring Jesus into it. To the vast majority of Christians, Jesus is not just a half man/half god, but he is 100 percent man and 100 percent god. This of course makes Jesus 200%. Now I’m no math genius, but that doesn’t exactly make logical sense, but it does make supernatural sense and that is the point. This man/god died and bodily came back to life so that everyone on earth could somehow be forgiven for all the sins against the deity (Enter the concept of blood sacrifice). This story is dripping with supernatural events and the bending and even the breaking of the laws of physics not just in small ways, but in really, really large ways. This story simply put, is just impossible (as in not possible by the laws of physics which make up this Universe). This story is not just impossible, but it is also illogical and quite frankly beyond reason. So which of these stories is really the wackier story? Scientology, which reads like bad science fiction, is still completely possible given what we know about the natural world or Christianity, which reads like bronze aged fiction full of supernatural events and characters which defy the laws of nature, logic, and even reason itself?

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