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Christianity is Wackier than Scientology

I am not trying to defend Scientology in today’s blog, but I do think that Scientology performs a valuable service to  our society for the moment. Now, I know what you are thinking, “what the hell can Scientology offer the rational world?” Well, I think it helps us to compare it to Christianity. In my view Christianity is far more unbelievable and far more dangerous than Scientology and it helps to bring people of the Christian faith to reason when you can compare the beliefs of the Christian religion to a religion which most people (especially Christians) view as clearly wacky and show very simply which is actually wackier.

Let’s look at Scientology a little bit. One of the more wacky aspects of Scientology is that of Xenu who is an evil alien dictator of the Galactic Confederacy who threw humans into a volcano and then nuked it 75 millions of years ago. Here is the funny thing about this story. As bizarre as it is, every part of it is possible. What I mean by that is that nothing about this story violates any of the laws of physics as we know them nor does this story contain magic of any kind or anything necessarily supernatural. This story as unlikely as it is and as fanciful as it is, is entirely contained within the natural world and our laws of physics. Even the Scientology idea that humans can learn how to use superpowers isn’t necessarily supernatural. In fact, the only thing in the Scientology story, which MAY even come close to supernatural, would be the idea of Thetans and even that idea really makes more sense than the Christian concept of the soul.

Speaking of which, let’s look at the bizarre story of Christianity. The basic Story of Christianity (because all Christians are different of course) is the story of the God Yahweh and his son Jesus. Right from the start, this story is already wackier than Scientology. A deity is much more unbelievable than an alien dictator. We live in a vast universe in which it is probable that other life could certainly exist and so it is possible for that life to be intelligent and to form Confederations and such. But a deity isn’t an alien life form, it is a supernatural being capable of violating the laws of physics. The Christian deity in particular is said to do exactly that in the form of miracles, which are impossible under the natural laws of physics.

But the Christian story gets crazier when we bring Jesus into it. To the vast majority of Christians, Jesus is not just a half man/half god, but he is 100 percent man and 100 percent god. This of course makes Jesus 200%. Now I’m no math genius, but that doesn’t exactly make logical sense, but it does make supernatural sense and that is the point. This man/god died and bodily came back to life so that everyone on earth could somehow be forgiven for all the sins against the deity (Enter the concept of blood sacrifice). This story is dripping with supernatural events and the bending and even the breaking of the laws of physics not just in small ways, but in really, really large ways. This story simply put, is just impossible (as in not possible by the laws of physics which make up this Universe). This story is not just impossible, but it is also illogical and quite frankly beyond reason. So which of these stories is really the wackier story? Scientology, which reads like bad science fiction, is still completely possible given what we know about the natural world or Christianity, which reads like bronze aged fiction full of supernatural events and characters which defy the laws of nature, logic, and even reason itself?

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  • Barry

    Wow. That is a good point.

  • Mr. X

    Awesome. Nothing but awesome…

  • Logic

    They both reflect the time periods in which they were written, bronze age and cheesy sci-fi age. The reason Scientology sounds wackier is b/c we are so used to the Christian story…but I think they’re a tie.

  • Cher

    Christianity’s story may be wackier but Scientology is more dangerous.

    • admin

      I’m going to have to disagree with you there. You should read my blog on why atheists are angry/frustrated. Then you might reconsider that position.

  • Scott

    Perhaps Scientology was created as a way kill old religions and serve as a new modern religion. So while Scientology is wacky, it is a step forward in comparison to Christianity (and if I am not mistaken, Scientology should leave room for modern science like the big bang and evolution right?). Perhaps the reason why Scientology seems like a money scam is because they need to funds the religion to spread it (and nobody is going to make up a religion if it doesn’t make them money). But Scientology’s money scam I am sure is nothing compared to what the Christian Churches do with collection plates.

    So while Scientology seems like the stupidest thing ever, it probably has hidden agendas (like every religion has) and should serve as a way to transition our nation out of Christian ways and at least bring us to modern thinking. You never know, Scientology could become taken seriously down the road, much like how Mormonism seemed to be invented in the US and is now taken seriously as a religion.

    • Logic

      The difference is that in Scientology, people are required to pay large sums of money just to learn about the religion. In Christianity you can go to church and you are not required to donate money (though pressured, I’m sure) and people are usually eager to tell you about the religion for free. You can get a free bible from lots of places and while some Christians will be hypocrites and look down on poor people, there are others who have charities and help poor people. I don’t know if Scientology would accept evolution and other things, but it is still has a lot of psuedoscience. In Scientology I think the money is spent on gaining power, like having an army of lawyers and people to research and trash the names of people who criticize them. If it ever is taken seriously, I think it will be for the same reason Islam is taken seriously…b/c people are afraid of criticizing it.

      • admin

        Christianity doesn’t need to take larges sums of money from individuals (although it does from those who have large sums of money). Christianity takes smaller sums from much more people. Perhaps if Scientology ever got as big as Christianity, they might lower their rates. Also, Christianity used to require money for salvation in the form of indulgences. They have stopped that practice, but then again, they are much bigger now. Christianity does spend their money to gain power, but in a different way and while Scientology has an army of lawyers, Christianity has an army of lawyers and legislators. The religion can actually re-write laws like Prop 8 for example. Scientology doesn’t have nearly that much power. And if you don’t think Christianity trashes the names of those who criticize them, you haven’t been watching Fox News. Also, we shouldn’t forget that it was just a few months ago that the Pope forgave John Lennon for saying that the Beetles were bigger than Jesus and a decade or so ago, the Pope finally forgave Galileo. I’m afraid of Christianity!

        • Scott

          Interesting about the lawyers. Perhaps they are going after criticizers because they do in fact want to be taken seriously as a religion.

          There was once a time when the bible was not accessible to the public and it was only written in Latin and select priests were taught Latin so they could read it. The reason Christianity’s basics are out in the open now so money isn’t required up front anymore due to the fact the religion has evolved to the point that it is at. Scientology is at that earlier phase where only a few select people possess the knowledge of the religion so they are going to capitalize on that as long as they can.

  • http://www.myspace.com/atheistteam The A-Team

    Well, I’d argue that the superpowers are inescapably supernatural: levitation, super healing, the ability to turn playing cards into explosives and release metal claws from your hands (okay, those last 2 might just be in the upcoming Wolverine movie), etc. Also being possessed by alien ghosts is just as wacky and supernatural as the Christian soul. And 747s that can travel across galaxies is quite implausible, but otherwise the Trinity alone is more fantastic than anything in $cientology.

  • Leo

    Ah there it is the “Trinity” 300% Wacky!

    Maybe an out of body expereince is pluasible, maybe ghosts do exists, maybe Jesus simply didn’t have any amputees to heal, maybe maybe maybe. Maybe Jesus was exercizing the Theatans? Maybe information on “level 8″ can kill humans who aren’t prepared for it, maybe it teaches you to kill another by screaming, maybe maybe maybe.

    The stories are saimilar; beings with higher intelligence dominate those with lowered ones (even if created that way), both can deliver us to “heavens” or save us from utter destruction, Christianity uses conffessions and Scientology uses atonment (same brainwashing effect); which is worse?

    Like Sctt said, Mormons are accepted, Scientology is accepted in Austrailia, Christianity had to be accepted at one point…perhaps the latter two haven’t had the time to commit the atrucities as Christianity?

    Funny thing is we regulate just about everything, from money to how much co2 but nobody dares regulate religion…(and that’s comming from me: the anti-censorship guy!) Wait, Scientologists have to call their electric-current reading machine a religious artifact…does any know of any Christian censoring?

    • Mr. X

      “Ah there it is the “Trinity” 300% Wacky!”

      My personal experience with Bible school, is that “The Trinity” isn’t something you’re really supposed to think about or understand, or even try to – it seemed (in retrospect) INTENTIONALLY VAGUE. It seemed like it was meant to teach you VAGUE THINKING, to accept VAGUENESS as a “legitimate” thought-process, at least where Christianity was concerned.

      I mean, what the hell IS the “Holy Spirit”, anyway?! I can’t recall any Biblical tales in which it was a central character; most of them involved either Jesus talking to somebody, God talking to somebody, or somebody else doing something with some other people. WERE there any stories that revolved around “The Continued Adventures of the Holy Spirit”?

      Anyway, I was going to say…now that I think of it, if you can’t COMPREHEND something, you can’t BELIEVE or DISBELIEVE in it. But you can still be guilt-tripped and pressured into accepting it, or at least, pretending to – ANYTHING to make that fucking nun SHUT UP!…

  • Leo

    Um, almost forgot; what valuable service are the Scientologists performing? As a distraction from mainstream religion? Hypnotism did cure Tom’s dyslexia…it does seek to combine church and state: too bad their ambassidors aren’t welcomed in most of the countries they’ve visited. ;)

  • http://www.poweressence.com/evolve Maxwell Jennings

    100% holy spirit too since the christian god-head is claimed as a trinity. I agree, christianity is way wackier, but all religions are out on that fringe of insanity – i.e. losing touch with reality.

    L. Ron Hubbard was video taped saying, “If you want to be rich, make up a religion!” which proves he consciously chose to be a fiction-writing con-artist, value-sucking parasite.

  • Mr. X

    I had another thought since my last comment, though it seems that others are beginning to touch on it.

    Step back from the specific comparison of “Scientology vs. Christianity”, and consider it from this angle: Old religion vs. new religion…

    Christianity is based on a framework of ancient knowledge (aka “ignorance”, “superstition”, etc.). Scientology, meanwhile, represents an updated version, call it “religion 2.0″: a dogma whose mythology doesn’t violate present-day scientific knowledge, or at least, not as much, or not as obviously.

    Your argument was that from this perspective, Christianity is much wackier by comparison. This is both true and amusing. Kudos.

    But conversely – Scientology is less wacky, more plausible, and more difficult to refute and disprove. This is not amusing; this is insidious.

    Now, consider all the other words we associate with the term “religion.”

    “Irrationalism.” “Mind-control.” “Collective Insanity.” Etc.

    Scientology could be the prototype of “Irrationalism 2.0″, “Mind Control 2.0″, “Collective Insanity 2.0″: new, improved, and more resistant to the handy weapons we rationalists have been developing for some time now.

    I watched the debate between the Rational Response Squad and The Way of the Master (Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron). It was an easy win for our side; the best their opponents could muster was Pascal’s Wager and a picture of a Crocoduck.

    But, what if they’d been debating a Scientologist? Where would THAT discussion have gone? I’m not saying that Scientology would have won, but one can only speculate what that would have been like!

    The point is – Scientology represents a religion that’s more compatible with present-day scientific knowledge; it still seems a bit crude and far-fetched, but, what if someone deliberately assembled a dogma that couldn’t be refuted by any of the arguments we’re familiar with? Maybe they could create the intellectual equivalent of MRSA…

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  • http://www.project-reason.org/forum/member/151732 Guadalupe Llams

    I have read some just right stuff here. Definitely worth bookmarking for revisiting. I surprise how so much attempt you set to create this sort of excellent informative web site.

  • Anonymous

    This writer has no idea what he’s talking about when it comes to christianity. He is totally blind to the truthfulness and the super natural aspects of the holy bible. You have the guidance of the Holy Spirit when you read the bible. It took several thousand years to write the bible, where scierntology was wrote by a Sci-fi writer,drug and alcohol user that made a joke about how to get rich by starting a religion.

    • http://twitter.com/DangerousTalk Staks Rosch

      You have to read Dianetics with pure thetans. Thousands of years of knowledge was beamed into L. Ron Hubbard’s head in seconds. Also, you didn’t address any of the issues you just proved my point. Thanks. ;-)

  • Copyleft

    The comment I usually make is “There used to be a real lumberjack named Bunyan, too. Doesn’t mean we should be looking for the bones of a giant blue ox.”

    Folklore is fun to study, but it ain’t history.