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Blasphemy Day

Fuck Mohammad with a Crucifix, today is Blasphemy Day! For those who aren’t aware, this is the anniversary of publishing of a handful of Danish cartoons which caused mass rioting from the Muslim community. Incidentally, none of the major US publishers published those cartoons at the time out of fear. In fact, the executives at Comedy Central even blocked South Park from showing the prophet Mohammad in their cartoon show out of that same fear.

But Blasphemy isn’t just a Muslim thing. Christians have it too. A few years ago, my friends over at the Rational Response Squad and Beyond Belief Media teamed up and launched the Blasphemy Challenge. Good times were had by all freethinkers. This year, the Center For Inquiry has a contest dealing with Blasphemy Day. Today is the last day for submissions. I wrote about it on the Examiner.

I think as the atheistic community grows, Blasphemy Day will grow too. I think it is a good idea and many in the community would like to have holidays to celebrate and rally behind. What traditions would you all like to start with Blasphemy Day? Do you have any funny Blasphemy Day stories?

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