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Herding Cats

I’m a little disappointed in the greater atheist community. Atheists are notorious for not uniting together and for not supporting fellow atheists. We really need to fix this problem. While not all atheists agree with each other on anything necessarily except for the lack of belief in a god or gods that is no excuse. The gay community is similar and yet they don’t seem to use that excuse. Not all gays are liberal. Not all gays agree with each other on everything. The only thing that all gay people need to have in common is to have an attraction to the same gender. Yet the gay community helps each other out and supports each other in ways that our greater atheistic community can’t seem to manage.

Now, I know that my blog doesn’t have the same kind of bump power that PZ Myers or the Friendly Atheist has, but I still expected more from all of the Dangerous Talkers here. I know how many people roughly read my blog on a daily basis and I know how many people voted for the film that I promoted on Friday. Let’s just same that the numbers don’t even close to match up. Now I know that the film festival website sucks and that it crashed my Firefox on more than one occasion. I also know that people are required to register before they can vote and while registration is FREE it takes 10 seconds. I also know that before you can vote you have to actually watch the film which is 15 minutes long. But if you really don’t want to do that, you could always turn your volume off, start the film, and tab over to your facebook, myspace, or twitter for 15 minutes.

The point really isn’t this particular film or this particular online film festival. The point is that the greater atheistic community now makes up at least 15% of the American population and yet we can’t seen to support each other or work together to get our ideas out there to the general public. We have no political power to speak of and can’t seem to use our growing numbers to do much of anything. We are too lazy to even vote for an atheistic film in an online film festival. How can we really expect to fight back against the well organized, well funded, Christian Right which still outnumbers us 3 to 1?

We need to step up people! We need to support our fellow atheists whenever we can. We need to support our community. The irony is that this was the very thing that I was talking about in the atheist film that I want everyone to vote for.

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