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Repeat a lie long enough…

There is an old saying that dates back to ancient Tibet, “If you repeat a lie long enough than maybe Richard Gere really does like to stick a gerbils up his ass.” It really does seem that many religious people think this saying is true. Over and over again, I get bombarded with the same old lies and poorly thought out arguments by a wide range of religious people.

It isn’t just the fundamentalist believers who repeat false information and poorly thought out arguments which have been refuted again and again and again. Often times, it is the mainstream believers who are just as guilty of just being ignorant of the facts and the arguments which they employ.

Here are some examples, I don’t know how many times I hear that there are no atheists in the fox holes or that some famous atheist had a deathbed conversion. Mark Twain, Charles Darwin, and philosopher David Hume are just a few of the names mentioned as deathbed converts. Then I hear that Hitler was an atheist over and over again despite the fact that he was known for being a devout Catholic and peppered many of his speeches with religious rhetoric.

Atheists also seem to have no morals, evolution is just random chance, and there is more evidence for Jesus than there is for George Washington. I can go on all day with example after example, but the point I think has been made. Repeating the First Cause Argument or the Argument by Design over and over again doesn’t make those arguments any more valid. Repetition doesn’t equal truth. Repetition doesn’t equal truth. Repetition doesn’t equal truth.

Oh, for the record, Richard Gere never stuck a gerbil up his ass. In fact, the idea of “gerbil-stuffing” as a sexual practice is also one hundred percent fictional.

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