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I Do Weddings

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to officiate my first wedding. Two of my friends over at PolySkeptic got married and had asked me to conduct the wedding.

While there was serious talk about me officiating wearing Jedi robes, we all thought better of that. Sure it would have been fun and funny, but I think in this case it would have been too much. I did write a speech that had a little humor in it, but I wanted it to also strike the right tone of seriousness, wisdom, and a touch of tradition.

While in college, I was ordained via the internet to the Universal Life Church with a friend. This technically grants me the right to perform weddings. However, I had also been considering becoming a Humanist Celebrant through the American Humanist Association. But for the purpose of this weekend’s wedding, the couple got paperwork to do a “self-uniting” ceremony which would allow for anyone to marry them as long as there were witnesses willing to sign the paperwork.

Everything went well and I am happy to report a successful ceremony. Congratulations again to my friends Shaun and Ginny and a special thank you to them for giving me the opportunity to officiate.

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