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Open Challenge to Christians

Every time I get an e-mail or a message from a Christian and almost every time I get into a religious conversation with a Christian, they almost always have the same old arguments which a quick google search can easily refute. So, I have a challenge for Christians. Don’t worry I’m not going to ask Christians to actually prove their God (that would be expecting way too much). No, I just want Christians to present a new fucking argument.

That’s right I just want Christians to present a new argument in support of their claims. If a Christian can present a new argument I will be very impressed. I will dedicate a blog post and possibly an Examiner article to the new argument and name the Christian who presented it to me directly. More than that, I will even post a link to the website of the Christian’s choice.

The argument doesn’t even really have to be that good although, I would recommend that it be the best argument you can possibly put forward since I will be making it very public and if you put forward a ridiculously stupid argument, it will just reflect poorly on you and your alleged deity.

Who knows, maybe if the argument is good enough, I might even convert to Christianity… but I doubt it. Still, I am certainly open to new arguments to sway me. So where are the great Christian thinkers of our time? Come forward in the name of your deity of choice and present your best original argument. You can contact me through any social network or through email (DangerousTalk@gmail.com). Let the challenge begin!

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