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Should Anthony Weiner Resign?

Anthony Weiner admitted that he lied about being hacked and that he did indeed tweet a photo of his erect penis bulge in his underwear to a women. He has also stated that he never met her in person and that he has never had an affair with her or anyone else. He also as admitted that other photos have been tweeted to other women (six in all). Should he resign?

Let me make this as clear as I possibly can, no. No the congressman should absolutely not resign over this scandal. He did not break the law. No campaign money was involved. He hasn’t been hypocritical in his actions. Why the fuck should he resign?

Republicans have far more elicited scandals and continue to remain in office. Republicans usually run on their moral purity. They generally push their strong belief in the Bible and against homosexuality. Yet, when Republicans have scandals they generally involve adultery (usually with another guy). They are hypocrites and yet they refuse to resign unless they are about to be indicted.

The media is making this a distraction. Well, the media is its own animal. They care about one thing, money. They get money through advertising. They get advertisers through ratings. They get ratings by having people look at them. They get people to look at them by talking about sex because sex sells. However, the media also has a short attention span.

So Anthony Weiner can wait this out until the media finds the next scandal or he can give them something else to talk about. Weiner has never had a problem getting media attention before. He has often gotten up on the floor of the House with charts and/or props and made a political point very dramatic ways which have gotten then interest of people forcing the media’s attention.

So rather than resign, I think Weiner should do what he does best. I think he should go onto the floor of the House and give the media something to talk about. Make a point and do his job. The Republicans will be so outrages that it will create a new controversy. The media will try to focus on both controversies as much as they can until the next scandal breaks their concentration.

Now here is a photo of cock and balls.

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