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The 2010 Virtual Tree of Knowledge

Earlier in the week, I talked about how Margaret Downey of the Freethought Society is asking people to put a Tree of Knowledge in their homes this year, take a photo of their trees, and send them to her. I will be doing this hopefully next week. But in the meantime, I have created a virtual Tree of Knowledge to get people excited about the project.

My virtual Tree of Knowledge is a 2010 addition in that all the book covers on it are from books published in 2010. Most of them are from well known authors by major publishers. However, there are a few book covers on there from lesser known authors who have either smaller publishers or have self-published. I encourage everyone to check them out.

I should also say that I discourage atheists from self-publishing atheist books because it is important to get atheist books in the bookstores and visible to the general public. Without further ado, I give you the 2010 Dangerous Talk Virtual Tree of Knowledge:

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