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The Most Popular Atheist Song

It was thirty years ago today that John Lennon was murders. Lennon was not only a great musician with the Beatles and on his own, but he was also a strong activist for social change. He took an extremely optimistic view of Humanity and was the world’s most visible Humanist and atheist.

John Lennon wrote and performed atheist songs too. His most popular song promoting atheist has also been embraced by mainstream culture and is arguably his most famous song altogether. Fundamentalist Christians even alter the words of the song when they sing it… and even they sing it.

So in memory of John Lennon, I give you Imagine:

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  • http://socialinjustices.net david

    Easily and without doubt one of the world’s most magnificent human beings! His influence on, and love for life, shall always be missed. Thank you for this reminder.