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Two Heroes of Atheism

While there are many really important people and great voices within the greater atheistic community, there are two people in particular that I consider my atheist heroes (currently living). Over the weekend, I got to hang out with one of them.

The so called “Four Horsemen of Atheism” are all great people and worthy of admiration but out of the four there is only one which I really consider my hero. Sam Harris is that one. I think I like him the best because he is able to make our case and be funny at the same time and because he is quick on his feet and constantly thinking up new arguments. I however did not get a chance to eat dinner with him over the weekend.

But I did get to eat dinner with my other atheist hero, Fred Edwords. A lot of people don’t even know who Fred Edwords is. He first got my attention when he was the director of communications for the American Humanist Association and appeared on Bill O’Reilly’s show. He kicked O’Reilly’s ass so hard that I took instant notice. I think he did better against a Fox Pundit than any other atheist I have ever seen including Hitchens, Harris, and Dawkins. Don’t take my word for it; I’ll post the clip at the end of this blog.

Currently, Edwords is the head of the United Coalition of Reason (UnitedCoR). He goes around the country to various cities and helps to organize local groups of non-believers to work together. UnitedCoR is responsible for putting up most of the atheist billboards and bus advertisements around the nation.

I was a little worried about meeting him because sometime you admire someone until you meet them. But that was not the case with Fred Edwords. After talking to him at dinner and going to his media training class the next day, I admire Fred Edwords even more.

Who do you admire and why?

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