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Don’t Forget to Celebrate 9/11

We all know that nine years ago Islamic terrorists flew planes into buildings and changed the world forever. What most people don’t know is that 36 years ago on that very same day a dangerous talker was born.

I often joke about how former President Bush decided to turn my birthday into a national holiday. Because I am such a strong patriot, he named the holiday Patriot’s Day. Obviously, President Bush is no fan of mine. In fact, I doubt he has ever even heard of me, but if he had heard of me, he would surely not be my fan.

Many of the Dangeorus Talkers who read this blog are my fans, so I am going to ask you guys to do a few things in honor of my Birthday. First, I want you all to start re-posting my blogs and especially my Examiner articles on your facebook & twitter pages. Get some discussions started. Second, please post the articles you like on Digg, StumbleUpon, and especially Reddit (atheism). Don’t forget to vote them up, too. Third, please, please, please donate a few dollars every now and then to Dangerous Talk (Contribute button is in the sidebar —->).

With that out of the way, I want you guys to keep this dangerous thought in mind. 9/11 was a wake up call for many atheists and the start of the current rise in atheism in America. On that day we saw what true faith based devotion was capable of and that America’s only response seemed to be more faith based bullshit. I can’t even remember how many signs I saw that said, “God Bless America” just following that tragic day. Many atheists felt like we were surrounded by religious fanatics even in mostly secular areas.

So while the attacks of 9/11 were extremely tragic, there was a silver lining to that day. Atheists started to wake up from our complacent slumber and we started to fight militantly with books and blogs and stuff. Even many religious people took a deeper look at their religion after that day and realized that it was just as ridiculous and perhaps dangerous as the beliefs of those who weaponized airplanes.

As for me, I will be barbecuing with some friends and family this 9/11 to celebrate.

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