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Are Atheists Charitable?

Of course atheists are charitable. That is a pretty silly question. We can point to the fact that atheist billionaires have donated half their fortunes to charity and have encouraged other billionaires to do the same.

The fact is that most atheists don’t donate in the name of atheism. We just donate to organizations on our own as individuals. But how much are we donating to atheist infrastructure?

Almost every atheist organization I know is always in need of funds. Whether it is a local atheist group or larger groups like American Atheists, American Humanist Association, Center For Inquiry, or others are all in desperate need of donations. While it would be great if Brad Pitt and Bill Maher would donate a ton of money to these groups, the fact is that atheists with slightly less money need to donate too; even if that is just a $35 donation every now and then. Consider these donations to be investments in reason.

Speaking of donating to atheist causes, let me remind you that there is a contribution button on the sidebar… hint, hint.

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