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A Recommendation for Atheist Blasphemy Month

In case you were not aware, July is Global Atheist Blasphemy Month. While the details are explained in the Examiner article, the gist of the occasion is for atheists to claim blasphemy. Instead of being offended by all the usual suspects that religious people are offended by, this month is our turn to be offended by their symbols.

Even though the group that started this is advocating a form of censorship, I think it is better to avoid pretending to be like the religious people on this one. Instead, I think we should play the blasphemy card in a more humanistic way. This month, I don’t think we should hide our atheism from the world at all. We should go out of our way to wear atheism on our sleeves so to speak. When someone says “God bless you” we should not just inform them that we don’t believe in a god, but also let them know that saying such a think is rude and even blasphemous.

This month we should actually get offended by religious symbolism and we should let people know that we are offended. I am not advocating reporting the symbolism as hate like the facebook group is doing, but we should make those who plaster religious symbolism all over the place that it is offensive, rude, and inconsiderate.

Many religious people may not even realize that they are being inconsiderate. Others know it all too well and just don’t give a damn. For those people, we have to expose their hate for what it is. We should let the rest of the world see just how hateful some religious people actually are.

Here is a great video that I saw which show just what it is like to have a bit of role reversal with religious people:

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  • Steve-n-SA

    I fear that plan is just going to further prompt theists to say that atheism is just another religion. I will not be participating in this, as I feel it’s more likely to blow back in our faces.

  • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

    I don’t see how claiming that a crucifix is offensive supports the proposition that atheism is a religion. What am I missing?

  • Steve-n-SA

    Simply, the more we act like the religious, the more we’ll appear to be religious.