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The Bible Is Gateway Fiction

Christians have a saying taken from John 3:16 of the Bible, “God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” Atheists have a saying too although I don’t think it is in any book yet, “God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him will believeth in anything.”

I was in the religion section of a bookstore today and there was actually a book about how Jesus told the founding fathers about a secret code. This was not meant to be a fictional book either. In fact, not counting the obvious fiction of the Christian narrative there are a lot of books that have divergently ridiculous narratives.

It seems that if someone is willing to swallow the obvious fiction of the Bible, they seem to be susceptible to other wacky narratives. There are Bible codes, secret knowledge imparted to important people, space Jesus, claims of alien angels, demons, etc. The wackiness doesn’t end with God.

I bet there is some good money in books of this kind. I am almost tempted to write something wacky based on the Bible and call it non-fiction. Any ideas? The crazier the better.

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  • http://dogmaticatheist.wordpress.com A-Dizzle

    I don’t know, the Bible is so over the top ridiculous I’m having a hard time coming up with something crazier.

  • http://yamipirogoeth.blogspot.com/ Sakura

    Mormons have a book written by one of the upper eschelon that says jesus not only came to the founding fathers but that the founding fathers then came to the last president of the church asking them to baptize them. If I can find out the book I’ll let you know, but it sounds so totally fake

  • http://karlaporter.com Karla Porter

    I would like to see The Divine Authoritative Guide to Multi-tasking. In addition to all the personal relationships with his followers, pre-determining each persons life at the moment of conception, managing natural disasters, running his churches, mosques, synagogues, etc. their PR campaigns, scandals and conversion rates, he’s got admittance to heaven, banishment to hell, purgatory, war with the Devil, management of his staff of saints, his trinity, son and mother to deal with. Maybe you could get an interview and write about how he manages it all. I cold use some pointers.

  • Diana

    …hmmm, crazy BS taken as Fact….hmmm….

    I’m reading a book right now that shows that the bible owes many of its stories to other religions…basically the bible stole a lot from other religions or was influenced by then (that’s a nicer way of saying it).

    You could write a book “showing” how Judaism came first and all other religions stole from them! In affect claiming the Judaism, not Sumerian, Egyptian, or Hinduism, is the oldest religion known to man and thus the only correct one. Bam!!!

    You could also find some crazy shit for brains scientist (they do exist) who claims that carbon dating is a load of crap and thus it is totally possible, nay likely that the world is only 6,000 years old!

    You could also find a handful of boys who were molested by priests whose lives are going really well and say that BECAUSE of the sexual assault by priests God saw fit to bless their lives, in affect making the priests into good-doers, rather than stinky old pervert villains

  • http://facebook.com/tastypaper Dave Harty

    I’ve been thinking about re-writing Genesis for awhile. Maybe I should put together a preliminary sketch.

  • http://skepticink.com/dangeroustalk Dangerous Talk

    Well, he isn’t an atheist. But he has been very supportive of our issues, spoke at our conference, and is super progressive. It is however very helpful to have someone in office who is responsive to our needs and willing to work with our community on legislation. Pete Stark and Rush Holt both introduced Darwin Day resolutions in the Federal House. It sucks that we don’t have Pete Stark as our voice and more and it is good that Rush Holt has worked so closely with our community despite not coming out as an open atheist. If he did come out as an atheist, he might be willing to advance other bills in the Federal House that would support our community’s agenda.

    So no, being an atheist alone does not necessarily mean anything, but being supportive of our community probably does. If Ayn Rand was elected she would not be supportive of the atheist community’s needs, but Pete Stark certainly was. In today’s political climate, being an atheist might not necessitate being supportive of our needs, but it certainly increases the probability that they will be.

    With that said, I am asking people to support Mark Cohen because we need him in the PA State House. Without him, Republicans in the State House will push more anti-atheist/Pro-Christian legislation like the “Year of the Bible” and Creationism in the curriculum.