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Answering Christian Questions

I love when Christians ask atheists questions that they should fucking know the answers to. I know they are all about their bronze-aged story book, but we live in the information age now. Now the one true God is Google.

Seriously, before Christians try to ask an atheist a question that he or she thinks will really stump us and turn us into a sheep for their zombie Shepard, they might want to Google their question first. The First Cause Argument, The Argument by Design, Pascal’s Wager, etc. have all been addressed by people hundreds and sometimes thousands of years ago. Hell, some of the answers predate the Christian religion all together.

What I like to do is to try to find new answers to some of these age old questions whenever I can. Sometimes even use the questions themselves as a tool to show just how ridiculous the Christian story really is.

I really do love answering these questions though and so whenever I find a YouTube video asking atheists questions, I try to go out of my way to answer them. Here is my most recent response to two Christians:

I once put up a video called “Stump the Atheist” but Christians couldn’t really follow the rules laid out in the video so I ended up deleting it. I might start that back up though.

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