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Glory to God

Muslims do this more than Christians, but I do hear it from Christians every now and then too. These believers tell me that they do what they do in order to bringing glory to their God. That seems like a pretty arrogant thing to claim when you think about it.

If God is so all-powerful, why does he need Christians and Muslims to bring glory to him? It would seem that such a deity wouldn’t need or even want glory. Glory is all about ego after all and ego is all about insecurity. So by claiming to bring glory to God, they are really just expressing the opinion that they believe their God is insecure.

Besides, how can evil sinning humans bring glory to the most perfect of all beings? Just as ants can’t bring glory to humans, the inferior can’t bring glory to the superior, no mere human could bring glory to an all-powerful God, right?

Of course, I think much more highly of humans than Christians and Muslims do. So I think the only glory a god can have must come from humans; humans being real and gods being imaginary. Still, it is pretty difficult to bring or receive glory to or from something that doesn’t actually exist.

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  • http://www.molestedcatholics.com JohnB

    Dear dangerous talk,
    It is good to see that Catholics are now catching up with the idea of separation of church and state, with Cardinals and Bishops objecting to politicians and media about discovery of Church crimes, citing the existence of canon laws which relate to civil criminal matters. This has rightfully been identified as a major flaw in previous church policy. The Vatican assures us the rightful place for criminal activities to be dealt with is via the police and the criminal law system.

    Today more than ever Catholics have to choose between maintaining and supporting their church or ensuring the protection and the safety of children. Whilst the hierarchy in full view of a billion Catholics made rape a part of the religion, many Catholics simply put their head down and opted for silence, higher status in the hierarchy, or simply denied the undeniable.

    Today it is a matter of common knowledge that if it is Catholic it is corrupt.

    All the so-called good work of the church turns out to have been for the benefit of princes in mansions whose power games over money and control have brought this church down from its lofty height of being the leading light of humanity right through the bottom of the lowest social caste into the sewer of the sexual abuse of children and the covering up of these crimes. Church hierarchy poured millions upon millions of Catholic dollars into legal defenses and corrupt commissions in a failed attempt to halt the exposure or the extent of these crimes.

    Thus far the Catholic Church has shown itself to be a social pariah hell bent on social destruction. If you think Catholics are both confused and corrupted today, then consider the degree of denial they required 12 months ago or 8 or 9 years ago.

    With the list of crimes just beginning to come out, we still have church mouthpieces telling us how to live our lives and what is right and what is wrong. When children today hear guidance from a Catholic, they immediately equate Catholic with child exploitation, lies, deceit, fraud, corruption, bullying and deception. Children see the putrid remains of this fetid carcass, the corrupt business and political enterprises of the church.

    Are catholics the primary sexual offenders in society?

    Has anyone ever done any research to see what proportion of sex offenders are catholic, Christian, other religion or Atheist? It just seems valid today what with the Catholic church schools teaching for years, albeit indirectly, that it was OK to coverup the sexual abuse of children and that pedophiles and others like them would simply go out into the community and continue these Catholic practices. If you are raised in an exploitative environment, you will become an exploiter. If you are raised in an environment that approves the rape of children as a part of your religion, then of course you will go out and rape more children, it’s been the catholic way for generations.



  • http://www.myspace.com/diana_graves Diana

    Now that you brought it up it makes no sense at all…pride is a sin, glory is all about pride.

    Nothing about religion is logical…except it’s end. ;)

  • http://www.twitter.com/dh3lordthe Morton Steans

    WordPress is great platform for something like that, it’s a super easy to install and us for a CMS. You’ll be happy with it.