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Repeat a lie long enough…

There is an old saying that dates back to ancient Tibet, “If you repeat a lie long enough than maybe Richard Gere really does like to stick a gerbils up his ass.” It really does seem that many religious people think this saying is true.

Christian Death Paradox

Guest Blog from The A-Team: Also check out The A-Team at the Examiner: One thing that always bugged me about Christians is their stance on death. Christians hold the viewpoint that death is a positive thing so long as you’re on Jesus’ saved list, since now you’re with God in paradise. But if this is [...]

There Are No Christians in The Hospice

A recent medical study conducted by the Journal of the American Medical Association showed that the more religiously devout a person is the more likely they are to demand to be kept alive using extraordinary measures even if such measures decreased their quality of life or put undue emotional and financial strain on others. In [...]

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