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Billboard: God Does Not Exist

Yesterday, the Friendly Atheist posted a story about a new bus campaign going up soon in Washington State. Here is what the ad will look like:

Hemant thinks that this is an “inaccurate” ad and that religious people will use it “against us.” I take issue with this. First, it is not inaccurate. As a point in fact, there is no god. Unless someone can show some credible evidence to the contrary, there is no god. Is it possible that there could be a god? Sure. It is possible. Almost anything is possible. Pigs could fly out of my ass too, but I am reasonably certain that they won’t. I don’t have to say that gods probably don’t exist. I can simply say that gods don’t exist. The “probably” is implied; just as it is implied in the statement about Santa Claus’s existence. I mean really, how can anyone “know” with 100% certainty that Santa doesn’t exist? Someone would need to know everything in the universe and then see that Santa is not part of that set to claim to “know” that Santa doesn’t exist, right? This is of course bullshit.

The fact is that many Christians will be critical of any atheist ad, no matter what it says. This has been demonstrated time and time again. Sure I wish that the Freedom From Religion Foundation would have gone with the message that UnitedCOR and FreethoughtAction have been using, but they didn’t.

The fact is that atheism isn’t a religion. All atheists don’t have to hold the same dogmatic line. In fact, even Christians don’t all hold the same dogmatic line and they are a religion. So why do atheists think that all atheists have to hold the same line with all other atheists? This goes back to my blogs about the media manufactured war between atheists. It’s bullshit.

If Hemant doesn’t want to defend these ads, then he shouldn’t. He could just say that he “disagrees with those ads, but FFRF are free to promote their organization and their ideas in their own way. We all don’t have to agree, atheism is not a religion.”

But the smarter strategy in my opinion is to defend these ads by calling attention to some Christian ads which are much much more offensive. We have all seen them and I have created the Billboard Wars Project as a way to highlight the difference between atheist and Christian ads. So again, I will ask all of the Dangerous Talkers out there to take a photo of any particularly offensive Christian Billboard or bus ads they see and send it to me with the city and state that it was posted.

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  • Michelle

    Staks, I took a bunch of pictures on my cell phone of good Christian billboards while driving through the “God’s country” heart of Florida…and then I lost my phone at a concert before uploading them. :-(

    I make the trip several times per year though, so hoepfully I’ll have them soon! What I won’t be able to capture again, though, is the 6 blocks of anti-abortion picketers. Ahhh, boo.

  • http://www.myspace.com/itsahicke Her3tiK

    That ad is going to start so much shit… I’m all for putting these people on their heels, but this is going to do more damage than anything. Bear in mind that “Imagine no Dogma” was offensive on a billboard; comparing this one to threatening billboards to a group who already supports the latter message seems like it will be self-defeating.

  • ProgRockGirl

    The only way to make everyone agree is to have a cult-style brainwashing. And even then, people will still have variations! Some of which will get them thrown out…

  • http://www.myspace.com/rothtalltales Tralf

    If there were a God, he’d smite it at once. Yes, and when some fundie nutjob burns it down or complains till it’s removed, they’ll credit God just the same.


  • 1225truth

    The ffrf billboard is much more clever than the others, based on the editorial response of Francis Pharcellus in the New York Sun in 1897

  • 1225truth

    I smell a good blog for MySpace in the making.

  • http://www.myspace.com/diana_graves Diana

    :) Just in time for the holidays.

    I’m working on a blog that shows how all Christian holidays are actually pagan holidays, from the birth of their god to the death and everywhere in-between…this banner will look lovely in that blog.

    I’m with you Staks. I don’t agree with all non-theists, and not all atheists agree with me, but I’ll support them, so long as their actions are morally sound, and I hope for the same treatment, but I won’t hold my breath.