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You Are Not Alone

While there is a large atheist community on the internet and some of us have atheist friends and see fellow atheists at local group meetings and meet-ups, we tend to think that everyone in the general public are god-believers. For the most part they are, however that is starting to change.

Earlier in the week I talked about wearing my American Atheist necklace in public. I think it is important for us to literally and figuratively wear our atheism on our sleeves. Yesterday, I was out at the store and a woman came over to me and told me that she liked my atheist bumper sticker.

We are not alone, there are atheists in the general public and we need be more visible when we are in the general public. We should also go over to those atheists in public that we see and let them know that they are not alone.

How many times have you been out in public and seen some Christian wearing their Church shirt in public? How many Christians do you see wearing crosses on their necks? Why shouldn’t we be put our atheism out there in the same way? Maybe if more atheists are visible in the public sphere, Christians wouldn’t assume that everyone is a Christian anymore.

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