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The Tree of Knowledge Movie

Last year, the Freethought Society of Greater Philadelphia put up a winter display outside the Chester County Courthouse in West Chester, PA. As a member of that organization, I was part of the effort. While we were putting up our Tree of Knowledge, a film maker named Greg Walsh took some video that he was turning into a mini-documentary.

His documentary is now in an online film festival. While I just posted an article on this on the Examiner and encourage everyone to check out that article, I also want to encourage everyone to watch the 14 minute film and rate it 5 stars.

Here is the link to the online film festival.

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  • http://www.myspace.com/diana_graves Diana

    I remember hearing about it on the news…I believe it was CNN.

    Hmm…I wonder what it would take to get something like that up in Everett….

  • Richard Raymond

    Atheists ARE everywhere. The internet is where religion goes to die.