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Only Communists are Against the Public Option

I find it funny that almost every time I get into a conversation with a Republican about Health Insurance Reform, they call me a Communist. Sometimes they will do it outright and sometimes they will just imply it by putting “Comrade” in front of my name.

Why would they label me a Communist? Well for starters, I am supporting the Medicare4All plan for health insurance. This would be a government take over of the health insurance industry. So I can see where they may have some justification for this label. However, the government has taken over a few other industries in the past and no one claims that we are a Communist nation as a result. For example, the post office is already government run. So that would mean that anyone who gets mail is supporting Communism, right? Anyone who likes getting mail must be a Communist. What about the police? If you like the police, then you must be a Communist because the government pays their bills too. And then there is the military. Apparently, during the Cold War we had Communists fighting Communism.

Republicans seem to think that Canada and Great Britain are both Communist countries. After all they have “evil” socialized medicine. When you think about it, Republicans must also think that every American over 65 years of age are Communists too. They are all on Medicare and seem to love it. They love it so much so that one retarded Republican yelled to his Senator during a townhall meeting that Medicare was great and that the government better stay out of it. So why is it that if I think everyone should be able to go on Medicare, I must be a Communist?

I don’t actually think Republicans know what Communism really is. They just like to throw that word around. Didn’t we go through that period in American history? I thought that the Red Scare was over. Communism isn’t the government take over of one industry. It is the complete take over of all economic and social activity under a one party totalitarian government. The fact is that the Medicare4All plan is not Communism. But that aside, President Obama’s plan wasn’t for Medicare4All. His plan was a compromise plan calling for a Public Option. In other words, Obama wants to introduce new competition into the market.

Currently, the level of competition within the Health Insurance Industry is very low. This is in part because most Americans don’t choose their health insurance company, their employers do. For many larger companies, the cost of switching back and forth between health insurance companies is more costly than the savings that the company would get from switching. In any case, the Public Option would be a new competitor in the marketplace.

While it is true that this would be an unfair competitor in that the Public Option would be much cheaper since it doesn’t have the large overhead of the major insurance companies, Republicans should trust that the market will adjust. For example, one common criticism I hear from Republicans is that government programs are inefficient and just horrible. That being the case, if the Public Option is really that bad, no one will choose it. People would pay more money to get the better product, right? Isn’t that how Capitalism works?

People would be able to choose (that is freedom, right?) to either go with the private health insurance company that their employer has enrolled them into or they can opt out of that in favor of the Public Option. If they switch to the Public Option and it sucks, than they can switch back. While it is true that the private insurance companies will probably have to lower their prices and profit margins a little bit to compete, that is what Capitalism is all about. They will also probably have to be a better service if they want to keep customers. But again that is the nature of Capitalism.

When you boil down the ideas of Capitalism and Communism, you see that it is really all about competition. The reason why Capitalism is great is because competition forces companies to continue to better their product or service in order to compete with rival companies in the same industry. The problem with Communism is that without competition, there is no incentive to improve products or services.

Republicans seem to not want competition within the health insurance industry. Why is that? Well, most Republican politicians and even a fair number of Democratic politicians have been bought by the insurance industry. The insurance industry doesn’t want competition. They certainly don’t want real competition. As it is, they are the only game in town. With the Public Option, they will have to actually compete.

The sad fact is that the Health Insurance Industry has no one to blame but themselves for this. If they made sure that their customers were happy and that everyone loved their coverage and low prices, no one would want to reform the system. But instead, they became greedy and decided to raise prices ridiculously and lower their quality of service. People’s medical bills weren’t being covered because of loopholes in their policies designed specifically to find reasons why the Industry shouldn’t pay claims. People who would have higher medical bills due to “preexisting conditions” would have premiums that they couldn’t pay or were just kicked out of the system altogether. The Health Insurance Industry has a poor and expensive service and there is no real competition forcing them to improve.

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  • John

    Too true, the public option would definately be fascist, not communist! :)

    Though government mandates that restrict the freedom of insurance companies have done a great deal to reduce their quality and increase their costs over the years. Other than selecting who they vote for, these aren’t really things the insurance companies have any control. The biggest problem as I see is people no longer remember what insurance is for. Insurance is to balance risks among the population. Car insurance for example require everyone to pay a certain amount depending on their level of risk calculated using a broad range of criteria so that people who are more likely to get into car accidents are more likely to have to either pay more in premiums or deal with reduced levels of coverage. Similarly many life insurance programs require you to take a physical because your level of overall health has a direct impact on how likely you are to live out the terms of the policy and thus how much your premiums should be. Health insurance however, in unable to charge significantly lower premiums to single young people without children, who would be more likely to pay their premiums and not have to draw much out in health care expenses. This results in thousands of young people without children making the same choice I did before I had kids: “Health Insurance is too expensive, why bother paying for something I won’t use when I’m having so much trouble making the mortgage and the car payments?”

    The prosed public option though will only serve to make things worse, as currently most people health insurance as little more than a way to make someone else pay for their medical bills.

    • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

      First, offering more choices is the opposite of fascism. Second, it isn’t government mandates which has driven up the cost of health insurance, it is the insanely high salaries and profits that the health insurance industry gives to their top brass and shareholders. Third, I can choose not to have a car and in so doing choose not to have car insurance. But health insurance is something that everyone needs. Anyone can get sick regardless of how healthy they try to be. Should there be incentives for people to live healthier to have lower premiums? Sure. But the healthiest person in the world can still get cancer, get hit by a car, etc. The Public Option is just that, an OPTION. It is another choice which will foster competition.

      • John

        Thousands of people, including myself choose or have chosen to forgo purchasing 3rd party health insurance, not simply because we can’t afford it, but because it’s a bad investment for us. Sure offering more choices is the opposite of fascism, but if you think anything in any of the current health care proposals are going to offer you more choices, you are mistaken. The public “option” is an option in name only.

        As to your second point your assumption of bad faith from the get go illustrates that any further attempt at conversation would not be constructive and would likely waste both of our time. You may respond if it makes you feel better but don’t expect me to come back to read it.

  • Calhoun

    I could be entirely wrong (and I’m trying to keep up on this as best as possible), but it seems that the republicans are just pissed that they are losing money. Money that they’ve invested in through the health insurance and drug industries. All Obama wants is to help uninsured people get insured. I admit that this bill does need some tweeking to allow the right people (US citizens) get insurance…not the wrong people (illegal aliens). For the record, I am neither a Democrate, a Libral, nor a Republican. I voted for, what I preceived to be, the better of two (or three) evils.

    • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

      First, their is no one bill. Right now there are several bills all being discussed. Second, health care for illegal aliens is not and never was in any of those bills. So I would advise that you do some real research on what is going on as far as health care before you listen to Sarah Palin and claim that Obama needs to take out the death panels.

      • Calhoun

        I think you are misunderstanding me, Staks. I’m all for Obama and the reform, there is no doubt about that. There should be a universal health plan. But what I am getting at is that the republicans just pissed because Obama is messing with one of their biggest investments. I appologize if I just not understanding politics as well as I thought. I can ONLY get what I read and watch from the telvsion and the web…which is full of shit. It’s getting to be hard to separate what’s BS and what’s not. BTW…I would never listen to that crazy lady Palin.

  • http://myspace.com/scott888 Scott

    What happened when I was in college majoring in business we had learned in economics about the supply and demand and everytime a government restriction is thrown on the chart there is a dead weight loss. However, what I have learned since college is that the dead weight loss falls mostly upon the rich people. If they control 95% of the money then of course they probably pick up 95% of the loss. Sure the rich people might be less inclined to invest and create more jobs in that scenario but the public masses will benefit more from health care than they would a few less jobs created.

    The strongly pro-market republicans like I used to be were regurgitating what we learned in economics about dead weight losses. However, they are given a bias picture that is pro-business. Business schools teach you to be pro-business because you are going to be working for the sake of business.

  • Sembazuru

    Unforunately, I can think of one word that disproves your statement: “People would pay more money to get the better product, right? Isn’t that how Capitalism works?”. That word is “WalMart”. WallMart shows that people will generally purchase lower priced items regardless of quality. Only a portion of the population will attempt to place value (and actually pay extra for that value) on quality. I can think of a few more examples in recent history, but listing them would require me to explain them and there just isn’t space here for that.

    • http://myspace.com/scott888 Scott

      Walmart is the place with cheap prices but there are issues with Wal-Mart. For example, let’s say you want to make a fish tank but Wal-Mart’s tanks are in horrid horrid shape and the fish are sure to die. That is when you go to Petsmart of Petco.

      For the most part though, money is in short supply so we want to make the most of it. Quality might be lost but in some people’s cases, it’s a choice of quality health care or no health care. If you have money and you think the government’s quality sucks, you can get your own plan thru private health care. Much like if you hate our schools, you can send your child to a private school if you have the money to pay for the quality in it.

  • Peter

    `’If a Christian doesn’t believe in gay marriage, that’s great; he can marry Michelle Bachmann.”

    Cruel and unusual punishment even a christian does not deserve…

  • rblevy

    I second the emotion. I’ve been saying the same thing for years but this post expresses the phenomenon of Christian narcissism much more succinctly than I ever could. .

  • http://twitter.com/schnookiekins schnookiekins

    You may want to delete and report the FB post. It says Hugo as well.