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Politics is Personal!

The other day, I got a bill from the doctor because my health insurance company decided that it wasn’t going to pay the full bill. I don’t know why this is yet, but at the time I was really pissed off. This is the second time (and second health insurance company) that screwed us. In any case, I posted a comment about this situation on my facebook account.

When I made my personal frustration into my political opinion that the health insurance system in this country needs to be reformed, a Republican friend commented that it is now a personal issue for me, but that now isn’t the time to make it a political issue. While my wife explained to me that he was just showing his personal support for me without having to get into the argument, I still think it speaks about how people view politics.

It is easy for politicians in Washington or in state capitals to lose sight of the fact that all politics is personal. Those in the media and the various political pundits also forget. But the fact is political issues effect people personally. Whether we have an option for insurance without the big insurance companies affects people’s lives. Millions of lives are being affected every day because of politics. Many of the people who get involved in politics do so to serve those in their community.

I find that Republicans tend to loose sight of this fact much more than Democrats do. Once a politician (Democrat or Republican) is in Washington for a long time, they too loose sight of this fact. While this is not always the case, it is certainly a trend.

Americans have to remind our elected representatives that their decisions affect people’s lives and that they don’t work for the big corporations. They work for us. They serve at our discretion.

Republicans like to rail against “The Government” but the fact is that “We the people” are the government. We have no one to blame but ourselves. Americans can call or e-mail our representatives, institute or take part in local letter writing campaigns, and we can show up at our representative’s events. The most effective way to get our representatives to pay attention is to make an appointment and meet with them personally. It helps to have a self-made hand out to give them at the end of the conversation with key points.

The government only has the power that we the people give to them. Today, with the internet it is becoming easier and easier for constituents to organize and let their representatives know that we might sit home or vote for the opposition if we are not taken seriously. Of course, the opposition (the Republicans) are getting crazier and crazier. So that is a concern. But we can let incumbent Democrats know that we will support any primary challenger if they don’t take our interests into account.

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  • http://myspace.com/scott888 Scott

    My mom has that attitude. I tell her I get into politics and religion online and tries to tell me I shouldn’t push my beliefs and that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. My attempts at converting my mom never go anywhere simply because she avoids the topic and leaves the room or something when it comes up.

    My dad now does listen to my explanations for things but usually doesn’t get too involved. Often my family has learned to accept that if I make a claim, it is most likely true. He never really takes a position in terms of religion though.

    My two brothers both are converted and my sister is on the fence because she is under social butterfly/athlete banner and is very popular so at the time it isn’t in her best interest to reject the church if her friend do some church activity.

    But yeah, people seem to like to politics and religion and the reason is because many people don’t know their positions or aren’t good at defending them. So because politics and religion is above some people’s heads, we are told by some that it is not a good idea to talk about it.

  • Kat

    I f you talk to people in Europe(Fr.UK,Ger) they’ll tell you that the government works for THEM not the other way around.(At least the ones I’ve talked to) People in Europe aren’t afraid of their government, they tell the Government what to do. For some reason and I’m not sure when this happened, in this country people treat the Government as their enemy..The Government is SUPPOSE to work FOR us.So it IS PERSONAL.When I vote I don’t just vote for some guy(or gal) I vote for what they can do for ME. ME being The People.
    I thought that’s what a vote meant… “I’m putting YOU in charge and expecting results from what YOU have promised..You work for ME”" I find the pandering to the Right(Republicans)right now rediculous. The majority said ,with their votes ,that we wanted Obama and the Dems to lead.They promised us Healthcare Reform, and That’s what we want…Our votes said so.
    I PERONALLY would like to see Universal Healthcare, but I will settle for the public option(for now)Without it, nothing else is going to work. We can’t cut cost if the uninsured aren’t covered.
    I PERSONALLY would just like to have deductions and copays illiminated, especially for preventive care.I have insurance, I pay high premiums. But try to just have a physical…First you have to see more than one doctor, you have several labs to go to, different screening facilities,>chest xrays, mammagrams,colonoscopies, etc, etc are done at different facilities. And there IS a wait for all these procedures, w/wo insurance. By the time you are done, you have all the copays , your insurance has rolled over to a new year, you have to pay the deductible and you are swamped with medical bills. So PERSONALLY I want MY politicians, that I HIRED, to fix it.

  • Jim

    Good blog, Staks

    Just sent out a “letter to the editor” for 3 newspapers on this very issue. My theme was mostly questioning Christian ideals as to many of the National Christian Right leaders not getting on-board as to the premise of health-care reform which is drastically needed. How lies and nonsense have really taken over the debate and how personal selfishness {Don’t mess with MY healthcare] has shown it’s ugly head.

  • http://www.myspace.com/rothtalltales Tralf

    Yes, and according to Republicans, it’s OK for the government to intervene between a woman and her doctor, if it has anything to do with aborting a fetus. But when the insurance companies collect big $$$ from denying coverage and denying claims, it’s a private, personal matter, not for public discourse.

    For conservatives, the sanctity of life issue extends to corporate livelihoods, too.


  • Kat

    This is a Republican Study Committee bill H.R.3400
    On page 21 Sec. 105 Limitations on Abortion Funding, They have the same plan as the Democrats..No funding unless the health of the Mother, or istances of rape or incest. Don’t tell the Right Wingers!

    This is the H.R. 3200 bill if any one is interested in trying to read through these things..You have to have a lot of time and know how to read this kind of stuff. You will also have to have law books to go back and read laws already in effect.

    and this is a summary~

    I just so happen to have a REPUBLICAN Congressman, Ug… but I wrote to him anyway…I didn’t vote for him… We do have 2 Democratic Senators…both for the bill.

  • colleen

    Interesting that we seem to have consistent polical amnesia. The atrocities of the last guys are forgotten, the two parties switch sides and the other guy is pointing the finger now. You would think in this age of documentation and information we would be able to build on the mistakes of past admins. I blame republican outrage of this healthcare bill on legitimate waeriness mixed with bad information. I’m curious to know which side the current healthcare business are on, because it’s never been about Republican or democrat it’s about money havers and money wanters…

  • http://www.myspace.com/andrewtheatheist Andrew the Atheist

    You should get an explanation of benefits from your insurance company. Most of the time, the insurance company has placed the charge to a deductible, but sometimes, they pend your claim for a coordination of benefits. That means, they want you to call or write to confirm you have no other insurance coverage. If you have changed insurance companies recently, this is most likely the case.