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Democrats Piss on Ted Kennedy’s Grave

Over the weekend, United States Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy was laid to rest next to the graves of his two legendary brothers. While I admit that I didn’t watch much of the news coverage I heard that a great many Democrats and even a few Republicans gave speeches about how great Ted Kennedy was both as a United States Senator and as a compassionate human being.

One of the speeches that I did hear was from one of Teddy’s relatives (I think it was his nephew Joe) who told a story about how often times people would come up to him and praise “Uncle Teddy” and talk about how he saved their lives by paying their healthcare bills. For 40 years, Ted Kennedy has fought in the Senate for Universal Healthcare. He wrote, “Every American should be able to get the same treatment that U.S. senators are entitled to. This is the cause of my life.”

Ted Kennedy died in the midst of our nation’s greatest Healthcare debate. The fact is that the American people lost this debate before we even got to the podium. From day one, Medicare for all, Universal Healthcare was taken off the table in favor of a compromise with the Health Insurance Industry called “The Public Option.” Now due to the poor efforts of the President and the rest of the Democratic Party, even this Public Option is now at risk. The rest of the various Health Reform bills have been gutted by gutless politicians afraid of the massive power of the powerless Republican Party.

I think it is time to take the “Public Option” off the table and in honor of the Lion of the Senate we need to put Medicare for all back on the table. Let Kennedy’s death be a rallying cry for the “cause of his life,” Medicare for all. It is time to forget about compromising with Republicans who don’t even know the meaning of the word. It is time for the President to put his foot down and start to put some real pressure on Democrats who have been bought by the insurance companies. It is time for President Obama to use his political capital while he still has political capital to use.

Any Democrat or friend of Senator Kennedy who doesn’t support Medicare for all is just pissing on his grave. It is easy to make pretty speeches about how great Kennedy was, but it is much harder to adopt his cause and help to pass it in his name. Ted Kennedy died and the “cause of his life” is about to die with him. If any Democrat really cares about Kennedy, they will fight to make his dream a reality. To do otherwise is an insult to the man who fought right up to his last days “that we will break the old gridlock and guarantee that every American…will have decent, quality health care as a fundamental right and not just a privilege.”

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  • http://www.myspace.com/agnosticanarch AgnosticAnarch

    Well said!

  • http://www.myspace.com/DD_NU4EVER Diana

    I thought Obama was going to be stronger than this. I thought he would pick up where the Clintons left off. That’s what I voted for when I voted for him. I didn’t vote for the public option…I want a president with a back bone. I want a president that will do what’s right even in the face of rich insurance companies and politicians and stupid racists who can be bought easily with a snappy one liner from an over paid talking head of radio personality….I thought he was smarter, more compassionate than this…

    In the light of Kennedy’s death, will the people change? Probably not, not when doing so would make the insanely rich…a little less insanely rich.

    Money corrupts, and as long as people can profit from the pain of others they will…we are simply not that evolved as a species yet.

    • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

      I wish I could say that I was surprised by Obama’s lack of a backbone, but I’m not. I talked about it quite a bit during the primary. Obama was never a progressive and is and always was a moderate.

      • Robb

        …and I’m also sorry to say that Obama owes his current Presidential status directly to the endorsement of Teddy Kennedy.It may not be so much a case of pissing on someones grave as pissing into a shifting wind…

  • Jim

    Could be that as many Dems. suggest–piecemeal reform is far better than no reform at all. People can argue that Obama should have gone for a single-payer system from the start but I believe that the fear and hysteria coming from the Right at the moment with these modest reform proposals are nothing compared to what it would be like in the more radical proposal.

    • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

      Well Jim, the Democrats don’t need the Republicans to get anything passed. So they can have piecemeal reform or real reform and it is entirely up to them. The Right Wing would have more ammunition if the Dems pushed for Medicare4All, but the same crazy people would belief it. So if you are going to get the same resistance from Republicans whether you try to compromise with them or not, that you might as well not.

  • http://myspace.com/scott888 Scott

    We fight the religious right for this reason. They are ruining this nation. The other day my brother was on facebook and some religious kid that is a preachers son posted some note that posted some very unwarranted criticisms of Obama such as flying a plane a long ways to plant a single tree and some joke being made at the special Olympics among other things. While Obama has his flaws, these right wing people make him out to be a devil. My brother wanted to post something to him and had me write a response. My brother refuses reveal his atheism because he is really close to some religious girl who is busy doing a missionary trip in New Guinea at the moment and also hangs with an older guy that loves nature seems to be like Ned Flanders from the Simpsons. So I posted a response on his account that was mild and holy crap, bunch of misinformation from angry responses emerged.

    Apparently Obama actually ended Iraq, not Bush who made the withdraw date on the day the shoe throwing happened. Apparently deaths increased in Afghanistan because Obama increased the number of troops (so we could finally fight and end that fucking war too). Random facts to support your viewpoints that aren’t well thought out is idiots.

    Anyhow, universal health care is a big deal in the US for some reason. Back when I believed we had equal opportunity to be successful I support pro-market viewpoints but clearly I have gone into debt paying for college for nothing because employers are so fucking picky. I should have never majored in business and should have done science, technology, or something because my genius really doesn’t matter in the business world, it’s all about people skills. I have people skills but because I am disconnected from the subtle body language (I have asperger’s syndrome) that most people do, I am discriminated against during the interview. I’m beginning to think I need to drive a hard bargain against employers. Tell them if they don’t hire me I will accuse them of discrimination. All the bank teller jobs here are filled by females and only females. Fucking small town mentality I guess. I worked at the corporate headquarters of Amway Global doing customer service and I didn’t get hired by a bank in a small town. They probably hired some airhead female that was a social butterfly that didn’t have the experience I had. So I’m about to go bankrupt because fucking employers are so fucking picky. I hope to hell Wal-Mart hires me soon, as much as I will hate working there but if I don’t get hired, I probably am overqualified. I’m willing to work fucking 3rd shift so there is no real reason not to hire me.

    So, that rant got out of control, but the point is that we don’t have equal opportunity. Some people are highly discriminated against for being disconnected from exceedingly subtle body language. We have verbal language now, why the fuck do we still rely on what our verbal-language-less ape and monkey ancestors used to communicate. I’m above average in my areas of intelligence at the expense of intelligence in other areas such as the cells that read body language, the motor skills people use for athletics, and very deep verbal-language skills. So people like Tomkinson are basically typing in a foreign language to me and in my opinion you don’t win arguments when nobody but a select few knows what the fuck you are saying.

    So I now support socialism. I support taxes the rich to hell and back. I keep getting screwed by my banks for late payments due to not making money fast enough in the winter when I get huge electric bills. We need universal health care. Obama also has pledged to improve internet access world wide. I have fucking dial up at my parents house because our road lacks the infrastructure to support DSL because zomg, bringing it here doesn’t support the phone companies bottom line!! I understand now why people conjured up the Illuminati bullshit. Because I hate bankers now and using this crap is a good way to trash their name and reduce their profits, even if it is a lie.

    The problem with this nation is that it is full of sheep. Most people’s brains specialize in the way of socializing and athletics and people good in these categories are worshiped by our average joes. What do these people do for us? I guess they entertain us but they also stop progression due to their inability to comprehend the bullshit of religion and such. The church is the community center in nearly all towns. You have to be a Christian to be part of the community. If it is a big enough town, there are niches for communities outside the church. What it comes down to is that we evolved so that the people that are athletic and social are born in mass quantities so that smarter people born in smaller quantities have workers to lead. Religion was invented as a control device to make people happy to be a simple man or woman.

    It’s clear the real reason evolution and the big bang are rejected is due to the inability for some people to comprehend it. I’m able to explain it in layman’s terms and every day I teach evolution so someone in some way. If I simply go for a walk in the woods, I’ll point out the niches of things and how things came to be. I’ll point out that some trees are rare now because they originally co-evolved with the extinct Pleistocene megafauna. I’ll point out that Sugar Maples make 90% of the fricken canopy because mastodons aren’t consuming them anymore. Toxic and thorny trees are rare now but not in the African Savanna where they just happen to co-exist with megafauna.

    Obama might not get much done and I do worry about the debt he created too. But he at least isn’t taking us backwards.

    We have a long fight ahead of us, but we should know that other nations have already progressed. They teach European History in Europe where they learn the real story of Christianity and they also teach better science. I think the best solution is better education. Atheism is on the rise in all 50 states, but we need to get more detailed world history and science into the classroom. Algebra shouldn’t be the only challenge in high school. We should teach humanities too. The hidden purpose of that class is to pull back the hold of religion.

    Sorry if my post was long, I had alot on my mind and this topic gave me lots of room to write about alot.

    • Tomkinson

      What a confusing congeries of rants and self pity. Lets deconstruct you’re disconnected discourse paragraph by paragraph:

      1. Obama’s demonization by the ‘birthers’ and other fanatics is in no way proportional to the lionization he’s received by the mass media. Ideologues jump all over people they disagree with no matter how careful the opposing view’s analysis, and it has precisely zero to do with why Obama has disappointed you. Blame him, not the Ned Flanders of the country.

      2. Obama’s positions on Iraq and Afghanistan are EXACTLY those of Bush including the time-table for withdrawal from the former. Its not surprising considering he has kept Bush’s SecDef and many of the principle commanders in the region. What IS different is again media coverage. When Bush proposed the surge only about 1/3 of the country supported it and Bush was taken to task brutally in the media and in Congress. Obama’s surge into Afghanistan is supported by merely 1/4 of Americans for the same number of troops and yet we see nobody attacking him on this in the mainstream.

      3. Universal healthcare is an unaffordable, unconstitutional, unjust joke, that’s why it won’t pass. You are not guaranteed food or shelter by the Federal government, thus the notion that healthcare is a ‘right’ is beyond ridiculous. You write “I have gone into debt paying for college for nothing because employers are so fucking picky” Nonsense! The reason you’ve gone into debt paying for college is because of the artificially inflated prices that have arisen from the government’s stupid attempt to get more people to go to college. If the 15% of people who really need 4-year college were the only ones going you would either A. have been one of them with a much more affordable bill or B. been able to get a decent job without one.

      4. We do have equal opportunity for the most part. I’m sorry you are having trouble finding a job but is it not possible that has to do with the RECESSION rather than discrimination? So many people have been out of work for a year or more that unemployment artificially dropped last month. Don’t let the imaginary persecution you feel as an atheist bleed through into your asperger’s situation.

      5. You want the government to feed you, cloth you, educate you, pay your doctor bills, get you better internet… Its fascinating how so many like you rightfully reject the big ‘G’, God, only to pathetically replace him with the little ‘g’, government. I will pray to Obama that you come to see the error of your ways.

      6. This nation IS full of sheep and so is every other. Thats why Obama was elected. The idea that if suddenly religion vanishes the problems caused by sheeple will vanish as well is dangerous and Utopian. Look at the paradises created by the atheists in communist countries. And you want to step in that direction by supporting socialism. You don’t need to be a member of Church to be a member of the community, at least I don’t. If your town is really so small and so provincial, MOVE.

      7. If you had a deep grasp of evolution you would not have said something like “What it comes down to is that we evolved so that the people that are athletic and social are born in mass quantities so that smarter people born in smaller quantities have workers to lead. Religion was invented as a control device to make people happy to be a simple man or woman.” Please refrain from ‘explaining’ evolution to laymen until you understand it yourself.

      8.”Obama might not get much done and I do worry about the debt he created too. But he at least isn’t taking us backwards” WHAAAATTTT!!! Obama’s deficit spending (2009) is over 11.2% which is basically unprecedented. Even if you allow for this year and the next for ill-conceived measures like the stimulus bill to fight the recession his administration predicts an average of 8.54% for the remaining years of his presidency. And this is WITHOUT Obamacare. The worst year of Bush’s irresponsible deficit spending was 3.53% (2004). And what are we getting for this that is taking us in the right direction?

      9. Algebra shouldn’t be a challenge at all, in so far as it is says more about the level of intelligence of the American people. It isn’t very high so it makes no sense to give THEIR elected representatives more power over your assets or health. Lets look at education and compare it to healthcare. In the U.S. there is mandatory public education and we don’t break the top ten in academic performance. Our university system, being more market-driven, is by far the best in the world. This is not a coincidence. If Europeans were so much more far-sighted and intelligent they wouldn’t need to come to our universities for the best education or import restive Muslim workers to offset negative population growth and pay the excessive taxes on their socialist systems.

      10 . Nothing wrong with a long post unless it is unconsidered as yours is. Good luck finding a job and remember the new claim that religion is the source of all evil, moral and otherwise is just as unsupported and illogical as the old claim that religion is the source of all good, moral and otherwise.

      • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

        I asked you to leave!! And for a few days I actually thought you did. But as it turns out you are more of a psycho than I thought and have become obsessed with me in a way that would make you the prime suspect in the case of my murder. Tomkinson, now I am telling to you leave. If the spam filter doesn’t catch your posts, I will delete them!

        I know you think you are smart, but you really aren’t. You think that writing a daily blog is hard work and yet most bloggers write multiple entries a day. Your various “analysis” of people’s comments and my blog are filled with more holes than there are stars in the sky. Your personal attacks are just pathetic. Your comments are so poorly thought out that I bet you probably write your rants while you are drunk. All you do is whine and insult people. Why don’t you go stalk someone else for awhile. We are done with you here.

      • http://myspace.com/scott888 Scott

        I was just going to ignore this but I said “fuck it, nobody talks shit to me and gets away with it!”

        Are we trolling again? This has to be trolling since the entirety of your post was set on flaming me when I’m down.

        Point 1: We all know the much of the media is liberal controlled

        Point 2: I actually supported the wars under Bush so Obama doing the same thing doesn’t really disappoint me.

        Point 3: Universal health care happens in Canada and much of Europe and they don’t seem unsustainable there. Also, I’ve seen alot of studies that tell me that Europeans are much happier than Americans due to being able to spend more time with their kids and not having to work 2-3 jobs just to get by.

        Point 4: We don’t have equal opportunity. My issues began long before this recession hit. I’m still the only one from my graduating class the hasn’t gotten a job due to social networking being the prime means to find work and what I propose is a placement system rather than social networking as the prime means of landing work.

        Point 5: LOL, you do know that the government is liable to it’s people. The politician that gives people what they want is the one that gets elected. Right now though, we can’t go in the direction of Europe or Canada because of the religious right influence. I’d work if I could get a job.

        Point 6: I did move but then I got into debt living on my own due to inability to find work so I had to move back! Now I have no money left so I can’t move until some cheap ass local job decides to hire me and gives me enough hours to be able to move back out again. Much of Europe isn’t too religious and they haven’t crumbled.

        Point 7: If you read other posts I made, you’d understand how I came to this conclusion. Back in tribal days, you had to have the right combination of personality types to be successful. You had to have mostly warriors and social butterflies to succeed with smaller numbers of specialized people in areas like creativity, categorization, leadership, and whatnot. If you had a tribal with all smart people and no warriors and social butterflies, your tribe would be conquered by another tribe with warriors. Social butterflies are ones that could have had dialog with other tribes and produced their economy thru trade. You haven’t said anything to counter me but instead decided to flame me. You know how many people have told me that I made evolution crystal clear to them? Far too many.

        Point 8: We are going in the right direction because he is pro-choice, is aligned with other liberal viewpoints, and is bringing us to the quality standards of Europe and Canada. When I said right direction, I wasn’t including the spending which at this point isn’t clear how it will result. The spending is supposed to ease the recession and end it sooner but we won’t really know if what he did was a good idea until we see the results later. If it turns out it failed, well, we might have a new president in 2012.

        Point 9: We have good universities but terrible K-12. Europe has better K-12 because the schools are a big more competitive, meaning you can choose to which school you want to go to and if the school sucks, it closes. Now, you might think I am contradicting myself here with universal health care so let me add this: We need to keep some competition within the medical system so that it works. Doctors that are horrid would have no customers and there should be some financial incentive for doctors to want take care of patients in high quality.

        Point 10: My post was not unconsidered, but you did fail to understand my logic. I really don’t understand how you can be an atheist with the viewpoints that you have. It’s like you are supporting the religious right. Perhaps you are one of those people that use religion to manipulate people.

        I’d like to know how having millions of people being delusional is a good thing. The church fights against educating the people. The environment gets ignored because people believe in revelations. Stem cell research isn’t happening like it should. Gays are being discriminated against due to Leviticus. You claim is folly and shows your cowardice towards change to a more atheistic world.

        • http://www.myspace.com/DD_NU4EVER Diana

          Scott, I enjoy your posts, for what it’s worth.

          Also, in that film Sicko, an English doctor mentioned that they get bonuses if their regular patients lower their cholesterol or quit smoking or what have you. I think that sounds about right as far as an incentive for being a good doctor.

          Also, I don’t know what kind of school loans you have, but I know that some loans don’t require payment until 6 months after graduation, and don’t build interest while you are still in school either. If that’s the sort of loan you have then maybe a good move would be to go back to school and get that degree in a science field of your liking. The loan-people might leave you alone, you’d get the degree you want, and when you get out your job prospects would be greater for it. On the down side, you’ll have an enormous dept, but hopefully you might be in a better position to pay them off…

          Tomkinson, as far as the government not feeding us or housing American’s who cannot provide for themselves for whatever reason…What about food stamps, section 8 housing and all the other socialist bits that help those less fortunate. Right now, I can’t afford health care and if I got sick it would be just too bad for me. I work my butt off, I just bought a new home and I have college bills up the ass. I am living the American Dream, but if I got real sick…I would die or lose everything I’ve worked so hard to gain. How many times have we heard those sob stories about people who have lost everything because of cancer or heart disease or any number of reasons one might have to visit a doctor…but forget the hospital bills, which are outrageously inflated ($25.00 for a pillow, $150.00 for an extra blanket…etc), Medication is crazy pricy . My grandmother takes 8 pills a day to stay alive and healthy, that’s $800.00 a month. That’s rent! How else can we control the crazy prices, if not with government intervention? I know most if not all…or at least my state has state funded health care. But, they only allow some people on it. It’s basically first come, first serve and if they don’t have room for you, you’re out of luck. My mom and little brother were just denied health care because the state met their quota. If Michael gets sick, as kids do, my Mom will be in a world of hurt. They could lose their home.
          I know many well off Americans don’t want to take responsibility for their fellow Americans but we’re all in the same boat, we’re in this together. We’re all Americans, we’re all Humans and what hurts a great majority of us hurts all of us. If a boy or girl dies today because his/her parent’s insurance company denies a needed operation we may be losing the worlds next Einstein or the next great American President. We’ll never know what we’ve lost for the sake of a buck. We’ll never know the number of American lives that have been lost. How many people have died for greed, needlessly?

          And…that’s my rant about health care…well, some of it. I could go on forever, so I’ll stop now.
          “You want the government to feed you, cloth you, educate you, pay your doctor bills, get you better internet… Its fascinating how so many like you rightfully reject the big ‘G’, God, only to pathetically replace him with the little ‘g’, government. I will pray to Obama that you come to see the error of your ways”

          That’s just a play on words, replacing G (god) with G (government)….snappy, but inaccurate….While they are both manmade they are totally different in every which way. god was created to dictate terms in accordance to the wishes of those in power. The government was created to serve the people. god is supposable all mighty and doesn’t answer to anyone. The government is as powerful as we allow it to be and it answers to us. We created it; we control it and IT SERVES US. That is its purpose of being. Religion’s purpose of being is to control the masses. We are not replacing “him” with government. We are rejecting “his” existences and demanding quality job performance from our government, which we pay for.

          Right now our employees (the government) are taking money on the side from special interest groups: corporations and religious organizations. They aren’t working for us; they are working for them and screwing us all to hell. That needs to stop.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeffrey.spiron Jeffrey Michael Spiron

    I hate to say this but they are for-profit companies. Their job is to make money while providing a service. The free market determines if they stay in business and obviously we don’t care enough. So in your example person A affects the profit of the company and they want to make a lot of money so they just charge more to the other people. I firmly believe that if someone, if they have control over their actions, causes their own health problems by whatever means should pay more than a person that doesn’t. Of course it is easier to talk about than to implement.

  • im-skeptical

    The insurance industry, especially health insurance, no longer performs the service of providing insurance in the traditional sense of the word. Traditional insurance involves covering a risk pool by charging sufficient premiums to pay the costs, plus something extra for their profit. Modern insurance companies are in the business of eliminating risk, not covering it. So they make money my forcing out people who are sick, or by covering mostly people whose risk is low, but still charging them premiums as if they were part of the general risk pool. That’s not what I call insurance in the traditional sense.

  • jonathan smith

    I am against of your saying. If all the health insurance companies are not providing reliable services(According to you), then how are they surviving in insurance industry. Just explain me…

    • http://skepticink.com/dangeroustalk Dangerous Talk

      ? If all the insurance companies aren’t providing the service they are supposed to, what is the alternative? If you don’t have health insurance, you have to pay more than you can afford for medical needs. If you do have health insurance you have to pay them every month and then you still sometimes have to pay more than you can afford for medical needs. It is just that most of the time they will provide the services you have bought… you just might have to argue with them on the phone for hours a day for several days. But at least they let you keep your house most of the time.

      Oh, and now we are legally obligated to buy insurance, so how do they survive? By buying politicians to make it illegal not to give them money. That’s how they survive!

  • wastedmercy3

    Ted Kennedy lied to the American people about immigration now this country is overwhelmed, Broke & in debt, streets and infrastructure are third world like and because we have to pay for this burden of entitled anti-white anti-American immigrants coming from south America. thanks for destroying America Ted Kennedy and any other politician that really knew what America future was going to look like you dam traitors!

    • http://skepticink.com/dangeroustalk Dangerous Talk

      Go back to Germany in the 1940s you Nazi! This is America and as I often say, America’s diversity isn’t a weakness; it is the source of our strength!