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Is God Your Co-Pilot or Are You His?

Religious people often claim to be the servants, slaves, pawns, etc. of God and make claims such as “God is my co-pilot.” What they mean by co-pilot isn’t that God helps them drive through life, but that God does the driving while they just sit in the passenger seat with a glazed look on their faces. The point that I am trying to make is that many religious people believe that God is in complete control over their lives and they are just puppets in his divine plan.

And yet, these religious people are constantly trying to manipulate God’s divine plan. The paradox is that while religious people claim the false modesty of being powerless, they are the ones who are constantly exerting their power in an attempt to manipulate their deity into treating them with favor. If they follow these crazy rules or live their life in this way or that, God will love them more than he loves others and make them special. God will be on their side. When the end comes, they will be part of the chosen people who will inherit the kingdom of heaven.

Interestingly enough, God’s entire divine plan rests on whether or not these religious people are able to convince God to treat them with favor by following the divine code. If someone doesn’t live their life the way God wants them to, than God may not bless them and his entire divine plan would be ruined. It seems to me that God’s divine plan is at the mercy of these religious people and how well they can follow the crazy directions laid out in their Holy Book. So who is really driving the car of life?

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