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Naked Celebrity Scandals

Recently the internet and media have been abuzz because yet another young hot Hollywood celebrity had naked photos leaked on the internets. Ashley Greene is best know for playing vampire Alice Cullen in the film Twilight and is set to reprise the role for the rest of the film franchise. While Miss Greene seems to have been able to get most if not all of the photos removed from the internet, removing the media uproar will be a much harder feet.

This scandal seems different than the Paris Hilton type scandals because the author of the Twilight series is a Mormon. Author Stephanie Meyer has not issued a public statement on this matter, but I do wonder if that may have had something to do with the swiftness of the Greene camp’s effort to get these photos removed from the internet. These photos were clearly posed photos and Greene at least seemed to know that they were being taken. Does that mean that Greene wanted them out in the public? Probably not and I doubt very much that this was a staged publicity attempt by the actress as many on in the media have speculated. Due to Meyer’s religious beliefs, something like this could hurt Greene’s career instead of enhancing it like it has Hilton and others.

Vanessa Hudgens from High School Musical fame on the other hand probably did have some hand in the leaking of her naked photos and I have no problem with that. The problem I have here is with Christian comedian Dane Cook who attempted to embarrass the teen star at the Teen Choice Awards with his comment, “Girl, you gots to keep your clothes!” For starters, Dane “gots to speak correct English.” Second, he too has “gots to keep his shirt on.” I remember watching some of his early standup and he rarely wasted time with jokes before taking his shirt off for his female fans.

Dane Cook was never my cup of tea and I couldn’t care less if he had his shirt on or off. I couldn’t even care less if he took his pants off, it doesn’t make his jokes any funnier. But to publicly embarrass someone else for doing something similar is just hypocritical.

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  • Azadeth

    “…seems to have been able to get most if not all of the photos removed from the internet…”

    Hahaha, are you serious? You can’t get things “removed from the internet.” Once these things are on the internet, they’re there forever. And ever. And ever. And it took me 3 minutes to find them all, neatly zipped from Rapidshare.

    • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

      e-mail them to me.

      • Azadeth

        Okay, if you say please. And if you note me on Myspace with your email address. I go by Azadeth the Rationalist.

  • colleen

    comedy IS hypocritical…irony is the original joke

  • http://myspace.com/scott888 Scott

    Dane Cook has some funny skits sometimes but he made a ridicules skit about an atheist once so his value dropped 10 fold due to that.

  • Tomkinson

    I take back my response on the prayer thread that I’m not envious of Staks’ ability to write so often. How I wish I could muster the mental energy to craft an intelligent post about Dane Cook taking his shirt off!

    But hey I agree that Cook is neither very bright nor very funny. In fact I don’t think he’s funny at all. I’m not aware of his atheist skit, I’ll have to find it.

    • http://myspace.com/scott888 Scott

      The skit is basically this: An atheist sneezes on Dane Cook so he says “God Bless You” and the atheist then reveals his beliefs to him. After some discussion, Dane asks the atheist what happens when he dies and the atheist responds with “a tree will grow from the nutrients of my body” or something along those lines. Basically the atheist in the skit was made out to be an arrogant jackass and at the end, Dane says that someday, he will grow into a tree, and then some sweaty ass lumberjack will cut him down, turn him into paper, and print a bible on him.

      • Tomkinson

        I watched the skit on youtube. It wasn’t funny, Dane Cook never is. But why, if you do find him funny, would that lower your opinion of him? Atheists should be able to laugh at themselves and be targets for jokes just like any other group. We all know some ‘snarky’ atheists so it wasn’t like there was no truth to what he was saying.

  • Mr. X

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    Search in Spanish.

    Go here, and click the “Ver” button…