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A Fool Says Out Loud that they have an Imaginary Friend

Many times when I am in a conversation with a Christian, they will end the conversation with the Biblical claim that “The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God.” –Psalms 14:1. The Christian concludes that if someone lacks the belief in a god therefore they must be a fool.

This is one of the many conversation stoppers that Christians use. In my opinion it is no better than sticking ones fingers in one’s ears and yelling, “lalalalala” over and over again. Aside from the fact that his is childish behavior, it also shows a remarkable insecurity in one’s beliefs. The Christians who use this conversation stopper clearly are afraid of actual conversation. The defense for the concept of a deity is so weak on its own and then when Christians start to argue for their particular deity, it just gets embarrassing.

I can’t really blame Christians too much for not wanting to actually have to present any evidence for their claims. Thinking about the claims that they make is not something that is conducive to blind belief. So while most Christians love talking about their beliefs and their faith, when they start to encounter thought provoking questions, it is no wonder that they resort to the old Psalm 14:1.

It is much easier to simply make claims and assert that they are “The Truth” without having to actually think about those claims or back them up with actual evidence. Could you imagine if everyone simply asserted ridiculous claims as Truth? What if scientists and doctors did that?

The real truth is that only fools claim truth without presenting evidence while at the same time trying to stop the conversation through name-calling. Only a fool would assert a ridiculous claim without any valid reasoning.

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