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God Is Too Perfect for His Own Existence

The greatest piece of evidence against the existence of an all-powerful, all-knowing, perfect God is and always will be the imperfect world around us. This is why theists have to create elaborate schemes to explain this obvious evidence away.

All of their schemes inevitably put the blame for the imperfection of this world onto us humans. But this too is problematic. If God is all-powerful, than we humans would not have the power to disrupt God’s perfect plan. Therefore, the world should still be perfect and it is not. This leaves us to wonder if God’s plan is perfect in the first place. Perhaps God’s plan is not perfect and everything is going according to his non-perfect plan. But that doesn’t really make sense when you think about it. Why would a perfect being create a non-perfect plan?

Ultimately, it is God’s perfection and all-powerfulness which refutes the entire concept of a deity. No matter how Christians, Muslims, and Jews try to dress it up, the imperfection of the world still cannot be reconciled with the existence of an all-powerful, perfect deity.

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  • robb

    The religious counter argument here will be “Its all perfect and all part of God’s grand plan, but we humans cant recognize the inherent perfection in it all”. I find that argument to be bullshit, but that’s what they will say…

  • James

    Exactly! If the creators of the various gods hadn’t bestowed them with infinite powers, then their gods would not be paradoxical. If say (as christians do) that their god is infinite, then the time before the creation of the Earth would be infinite, so it would never have happened. But it has… sooo.

    Rule one – NEVER make your gods infinitely powerful. The Greek gods had faults which made them far better to explain away when things didn’t follow the roadmap.

    • http://myspace.com/scott888 Scott

      The Greek Gods were awesome because they were imperfect. We have Zeus who chased down women whether they be mortal or immortal while yet being married to his sister Hera. Poseidon seemed to be very easy to piss off. Hades wasn’t evil like that silly Disney movie says he was but rather a man that got last choice in what realm he got to be the god over. Greek Mythology > Christianity any day.

  • Johnny

    I actually wrote a similar blog debating against the “perfection” of the Judeo-Christian god. It takes into account the typical definition of “perfect” that the parties of god attribute to their favorite cereal box character. The bible displays god having a change of mind on two big events, and the question is: why would “perfect” even need to change it’s mind in the first place?


  • Hmmm

    Yes. While I can’t deny with certainty that all that is is intentional somehow, I am absolutely positive that if there is an Intender, a conscious source of all that is, that source is certainly not all good/perfect if it is indeed also all powerful. And while what exists is truly spectacular and amazing,it is also dark and full of suffering and so while I could be in awe of the source, I couldn’t, with honesty, worship or love that from which we have spawned. Religious perspectives usually involve a creator as a being that knows and judges your heart based on your love. Being faithful out of fear is useless because if your motives for faith are selfish (desire for eternal reward and fear of hell) it isn’t true love or devotion and, according to religious doctrine, God will reject such faith. Since I couldn’t love that which created the monstrosities of our world (or ordered genocide and infanticide and such) any faith I might have would be based on fear. So regardless if one of the religions are true or not, I have no use for religion.

    It is quite scary to think there might be a monster that created and rules the universe and is demanding our love and devotion and faith. I take comfort in all the reasons there are to recognize that none of the religions are true.