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Was Jesus circumcised?

While yesterday’s blog asked about whether God has the same kind of body parts we humans have since we were made in his image, today’s blog deals with the part of god which actually does look like us, Jesus. Jesus was a man. Men have penises. Therefore, Jesus had a penis. So here is the question, Was Jesus circumcised?

This is a serious question. After all, the point of circumcision is to create a covenant with God. So if Jesus was God, why would he need to make a covenant with himself? That seems a little strange to me. On the other hand, Jesus was also supposed to be the example of how men should be here on Earth. In that case, of course he should have his pee pee snipped.

Than we should ask what Jesus knew while on Earth and when did he know it. I am assuming that he didn’t pop out of Mary’s virginal womb with all the knowledge of the Universe and beyond. Maybe he did know everything at the time of birth. I don’t know. But can you imagine Jesus talking to God in Heaven before he was born. “What dad? You want me to get my penis cut? Why didn’t you just make people born that way in the first place?”

And if Jesus was circumcised, why is it that Paul said that Christians didn’t have to be circumcised? Was Paul just afraid of getting his pee pee snipped? Perhaps Paul was afraid he would lose potential followers if he asked them to take a slice of their dicks off. I guess it is all in the marketing.

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