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God’s Privacy

In modern society, the idea of the right to privacy is something that most Americans value. Liberals fight to keep government laws out of the bedroom and right wing groups are strongly support the idea of government non-interference. Whether someone is right or left, privacy seems to be a value that we all hold.

So why is it that there are both liberal and conservative Christians who on one hand value the right to privacy, but on the other hand value the right of their God to watch everything you do 24/7? This seems like another example in which the God of old doesn’t quite fit with our modern day values.

Whenever I think about the idea that God watches people all the time, I mind always goes right to the gutter so to speak. Does God watch people in the shower? Does he watch them masturbate? Does God watch people having sex? Does he care if they are two very attractive people having sex or if they are two unattractive people? I mean if I were God, I might watch Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have sex, but that ugly couple a few blocks over, would not be a pretty sight. But yet I guess God would have to watch that too right?

Can God choose not to watch people have sex? I mean he is supposed to be all seeing, so if he chose to not watch for a moment, can he still claim to be all seeing? The idea that God is this all-powerful pervert is a little disturbing to me. And knowing that God can’t not watch is just perverse. It would be like creating a rock so heavy that God can’t move it.

But back to the point, if we as Americans value privacy how is it that 80% of us can also value an all-powerful peeping Tom? It just seems like the traits that God possesses are traits valued in a different time and are not traits that we as Americans value today. So just remember Jesus knows your sexual fantasies and every time you even think an unclear thought, God kills a baby.

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  • Melissa

    Presently I am incredibly grateful I no longer believe in gods. I’m sure I would have (and still somewhat do have) a great case of the heebie-jeebies! I’m surprised christians haven’t come up with some kind of a “Do Not Disturb” prayer in assurance for those too ashamed to procreate while big guy upstairs is munchin’ on Doritos in a LazyBoy shaped cloud with a golden remote control.

    • http://www.myspace.com/DD_NU4EVER Diana

      lol….oh goodness, lol…that’s great

  • Barry

    The myth goes that, yes, God watches you 24/7/365(6). That’s par for the course. The issue, here, is that believers don’t care if their deity watches them, ’cause he/she/it is a deity. Also, unless their deity IS watching them at all times, how can their deity do stuff like save them from car wrecks, etc., something that they will later be said to have done? The rub is, they don’t want other flawed human beings watching them, as they recognize that they can’t manipulate space/time, and save them from accidents, etc.. I get that. Within the construct of the fact that these people believe in these magical beings, alot of stuff makes sense.

    That is, if you believe in deities, naturally, you want them to watch (over) you. That makes perfect sense. Not wanting other PEOPLE watching you, or knowing all there is to know about you…well, we’re all the same there, exhibitionists not withstanding. So, I don’t see it as problematic that for believers, those sentiments co-exist. It is just that OUTSIDE that magical construct, these people are bonkers.

  • TheresaEmilyAnn

    Well it really wouldn’t be that wrong for a God to know everything about you and everything you do when God would be totally understanding and know Why you do thing, and besides He would forgive you easier than Humans would.

    • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

      My friends and family know that I have sex with my wife, but that doesn’t mean that I want them to watch.

  • stacy

    God created you. He knows everything about you. Every freckle, every strand of hair, He can see. So someone like that watching you have sex isn’t very bothersome. At the same time, even though He is all-powerful, he doesn’t sit around with a jug of beer looking for the best sex to watch. Grow up.

    • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

      “he doesn’t sit around with a jug of beer looking for the best sex to watch.” If God is all-seeing, than it is worse. He sits around looking at the best and worst sex. What a pervert! So how come if we as a society value privacy, Christians don’t seem to value privacy in their deity of choice?

    • http://www.myspace.com/DD_NU4EVER Diana

      So, your god can express all emotions but lust? anger, sadness, happiness…etc, but not lust? why is that? is it more a sin than a murderous rage, of which “he” displace frequently.

      Christians don’t mind the all-seeing perv because to them god is this super loving, forgiving, non-judgmental stand up sort of guy…not like us stinking humans…except, he’s none of those things.

  • http://myspace.com/illicitparadigm Illicit Paradigm

    It’s quite a social statement how your blog reverts automatically to perversion and sexual behavior. You don’t tiptoe from alcoholism, theft or other sins, you go straight to sex. When God was told to be all-seeing and all-knowing that isn’t to make him out like ‘big brother’, that’s to say He is aware of the sins of all men. He isn’t running around, jumping rooftop to rooftop trying to get good footage for ‘mortals gone wild’.

    To play upon the ridiculous nature of this, we can also say Santa’s a perverted, old man who enjoys watching children sleep and be bad. As utterly opposed as I am to comparing the two, they are comparable in base terms. Santa (i.e., parents/guardians) watch as you do good and bad and base your punishment/reward on that for the Christmas season. You don’t give a hellion a new car, he/she gets the lump of coal (oddly enough that was a good present back in the day, but anyway). Bad example, but I think you get my drift.

    Also, the reasoning behind our privacy is to not cause worldly trouble and to assuage our guilt when we have moral/ethical infractions behind ‘closed doors’. I don’t expect to see God rolling in a VCR at a court hearing for evidence purposes or have Him posting on You-Tube. Though those would be riveting entertainment in some people’s cases – heavenly paparazzi.

    • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

      First, I don’t acknowledge sex as a perversion (see my blog on that subject: http://www.dangeroustalk.net/?p=223). Second, isn’t God the ultimate Big Brother? How is he not? Third, I support the Santa/God comparison. Both are fictional. Fourth, you missed the point of this blog. Do we as a society value privacy? Yes we do. If privacy is a value, why does the perfect of all beings (according to Christians) not value that idea. There seems to be a contradiction here.

      “the reasoning behind our privacy is to not cause worldly trouble and to assuage our guilt when we have moral/ethical infractions behind ‘closed doors’.” Really? Like I said before, I don’t think having sex with my wife would cause “worldly trouble” nor do I feel any guilt in it since I don’t consider it immoral or unethical to have sex with my wife. But I still value my privacy in that regard.

      • http://myspace.com/illicitparadigm Illicit Paradigm

        First – Ok, we’ll meet in the middle, perversion is a bad word for the moment, we’ll call your blog sexually inundated. There is no other direction you chose to pursue, you stuck purely to the sexuality of human behavior. You don’t see how that’s a small scope in its approach?

        Second – Big Brother was a term coined for a government element interfering with private matters. Privacy is a nice luxury for those that have it, but it’s not a base need for life. Big Brother interfered and tried to change through action the behavior of the people, God lets humans do as they see and merely judges you in the afterlife based on those choices. He makes no judgement or actions prior.

        Third – Being the theme of your site, I expected this response, thus why I wanted a different comparison, but the overall point was valid.

        Fourth – Do we as a society value privacy? Have you been in society lately? That would seem an obvious question posed, but then again you’re limiting yourself to American and Western society. Not all cultures and countries share our value of private matters. We, as Americans for instance, seem to have a lot of skeletons in our closet and fear public scrutiny or judgement. Reality is 90% perception in this day and age, thus our need for some scrap of privacy. Oh, and to say we know the mind of God is fallacy in itself. You’re placing human characteristics and ideals on a deity. You are placing human ideals, ideas and concepts on God thinking He has motives, ulterior and otherwise. That’s quite a leap when we have the faith and beliefs that we do. If He were simply another guy, there’d be no need to worship Him.

        Last – Having sex with your wife isn’t an affront to God or anyone, but when you speak of God’s ‘invasion of our privacy’ He sees it in terms of sinful or not. Let me rephrase since it was lost in translation. The reasoning behind our privacy, legally and in reference to why we fight for it so badly is to not cause worldly trouble and to assuage our guilt when we have moral/ethical infractions behind ‘closed doors’. There is a difference between privacy and simply being alone with another. I’m not the one making all these acts taboo and hinting at perversion in the act itself. You’re implying God gets His kicks off of watching you and your wife get some. That’s either really arrogant or really humorous.

        • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

          First, I did talk about sex. Okay, so what? If I talked about god watching you sneak a drink of whiskey then what? Why does the fact that I mentioned sex bother you? “You don’t see how that’s a small scope in its approach?” it’s a short blog, I could have listed many things, but if one example severed the purpose best, why bother adding more. The fact is that you do consider sex to be a perversion and that is a direct result of your religious indoctrination. There is nothing wrong with sex.

          Second, Big Brother is from the George Orwell novel, “1984.” It has nothing to do with government intervention, it has to do with authority always watching. In the novel, the government sometimes intervened and sometimes didn’t (a lot like God).

          Third, insulting my website doesn’t deal with the point.

          Fourth, yes we are talking about western society, and more particularly, American society. Why? Because I live in America and most of my readers live in America. Am I limiting myself to that? For now yes I am.

          “You’re placing human characteristics and ideals on a deity.” No, you are. The Bible places those characteristics on a deity. I am not here arguing against some vague higher power concept, I am talking about the particular God of the Bible. The jealous and vengeful God. The God of wrath, etc. Those are human characteristics that the Bible has assigned to God. If God wrote the Bible, than God ascribed them to himself.

          Last, your god is either all seeing or he isn’t. If he is all seeing that he is invading my privacy. I didn’t invite him to watch. As a point of fact, you god doesn’t actually exist so it really is a moot point. The issue of this blog is about values. Does your deity of choice share your values? Do you hold your deity to lower values than you hold to yourself?

          • http://myspace.com/illicitparadigm Illicit Paradigm

            First – There is nothing wrong with sex, but I’m of the mind what goes on in the bedroom stays in the bedroom. It’s this freestyle mentality about sex that’s landed society in some of the issues we are now faced with. I am as sexually independent and free as many others, I value my privacy and only mentioned perversion once and then recanted. You mentioned the habitual watching of God over our sex lives throughout your blog, not I. Sex was an example, but it was also the basis to your overall blog. Sex is only as wrong as it is presented, I think that’s where we’re getting our wires crossed.

            Second – The threat of big brother was his reaction when he saw violations in the populace he was monitoring. There was a ruleset which had to be abided by and if those rules were broken there were immediate results. They didn’t dole out based on how you lived your life, but how you acted at any given moment. God knows our ‘journals’ – our most private actions, but if big brother learned of them it would lead to arrest and torture. Luckily God doesn’t deem your worth based on sins you commit, for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Big brother – not so much.

            Third – One of the basis of your site is the disbelief of God is it not? I fail to see the insult, but okay.

            Fourth – Privacy is a freedom we take for granted here in America unless it’s impugned upon or we feel threatened by any degree of loss. Even me as a military man, I don’t get the freedom and release of privacy I’d like when outside of the continental borders. It’s a fact of life for many, many people.

            How am I humanizing God? You wrote about God actively watching people having sex and guessing as to which he would prefer or which He is forced to watch. You assume that by ‘watching’ us, it means He is physically staring at us doing while we do what we do. If He is omnipotent He knows what’s happened and what is happening, ‘watching’ could be metaphorical for simply knowing our hearts and actions. You’re textual references are very vague and normally stray solely to the OT. Guess that plays better with the audience. The God of the Bible is much deeper and farther in scope than simply vengeful and jealous – seems to me you need to stop cherry picking and read the good book cover to cover and get the overall view of God.

            Last – Human concept – privacy, my business is my own. Christian concept – omnipotent knowledge, He doesn’t have to watch to know. Your concept – God doesn’t exist so none of this matters(If it truly was moot, why the blog to point it out? That’s calling your overall blog useless because it negates itself by its content.) Like I said since when is privacy a given in life? The issue of this blog isn’t about values, it’s about you trying to slander God by giving him the same characteristics as any tom, dick or harry. You are comparing God to your neighbor and then feigning indignation because He is ‘watching’ you. I don’t hold privacy as a value, it (I’ll repeat myself) is a luxury, a freedom given us by the society we live in.

            • existential blues

              > How am I humanizing God?

              Are you talking about an energy field or some New Age idea of God, ore are you talking about the god of the bible? As Staks said, the god of the bible is described in terms of human behavior and emotions. He calls himself “vengeful” and “jealous”. He’s “angry”. He’s continually disappointed. He acts out violently. How are those not human characteristics? Believers claim to speak to them as if they’re talking to a neighbor. How can you deny that the god of the bible is an anthropomorphic figure?

              Given that, why would it be odd to think of God literally watching you? If he can see you and what you do, at every moment of time, what difference does it make if he’s using literal eyeballs? He’s observing you, judging you, and messing with you 24/7.

              That is freakin’ creepy. Can I build a shield out of tinfoil to keep that creeper the f*ck away? Maybe I can get Zeus to keep an eye on him.

              > The God of the Bible is much deeper and farther in scope than simply vengeful and jealous – seems to me you need to stop cherry picking and read the good book cover to cover and get the overall view of God.

              So what if he’s “deeper”? How does that excuse the crazy things he did and does? I’m sure many serial killers and despots are very deep, interesting people. I’m sure that Osama bin Laden is a very interesting person. Being deep and interesting doesn’t exonerate one’s bad behavior.

              Is the god of the O.T. the same god as the god of the N.T. or isn’t he?

              • http://myspace.com/illicitparadigm Illicit Paradigm

                The bottom line – and the normal stance which religious conversations normally boil down to is agree to disagree. There is no proof of His existence or His likeness as aside from written word and the faith found in believers. There is no way to know what was meant in reference to ‘we were made in God’s image’. He was applied human characteristics, but I’m unaware when God called Himself anything or when He is ‘messing’ with us. Apparently you see God as a pedantic, little peeping tom trying to keep everything just right and getting His jollies off at our expense.

                What ‘crazy things’ did God do? This is why we can’t have a serious conversation – you just compared God to a serial killer or despot. Are you hinting that you hold a serial killer as highly as I do and deify them? If not, the point is invalid. If a person holds God as the creator, how can we fault Him for any of His actions? We don’t know the purpose or the meaning behind what He does. If God did flood the Earth, are you guessing at His reasons and calling them ‘crazy’ because of them? If He destroyed a city built on sin and debauchery is that crazy or enforcing His edicts? This is where most religious conversations grind to a halt due to a stalemate. A person that doesn’t believe in God, normally doesn’t have the respect someone who does has. How can one hold God to the same standards you do a politician or citizen? Are you now going to rant on about suing God or taking Him to court? Maybe file a restraining order and have Him finally out of your business. I joke because that, is on par with what I’m hearing.

                When I said deeper I didn’t mean a well-thought person, I meant in reference to overall scope and power. If I think He created the world and everything in it, I think that’s a slightly wider view than a guy who might have a intelligent quip on a painting or the ability to have a moving discussion.

                That last comment completely missed the point. My point was simply if you take the Bible as an example and are making references to God, you have to take all accounts in the Bible into consideration. He had a plan, according to scripture, and that plan progressed. I simply said that to form a more complete image of God you need to read the entire Bible, cover to cover.

          • http://www.myspace.com/DD_NU4EVER Diana

            WOW, I think I’m in-liking…sorry I don’t love you but I admire you…You’re a very thoughtful man and I enjoy you website very much.

        • Kat

          “If HE were simply another GUY, there’d be no need to worship HIM.”
          What if SHE was simply another GAL…would that bother You?

          “We don’t know the purpose or the meaning behind what He does.”
          How can you believe in something that You admit you don’t understand? I’m just asking, because you confuse me.You seem to be an intelligent person but you sound just like all “believers in god” you just believe and want everyone else to just believe ’cause you say so(or your god says so)and you don’t have to explain why.

          “That last comment completely missed the point. My point was simply if you take the Bible as an example and are making references to God, you have to take all accounts in the Bible into consideration. He had a plan, according to scripture, and that plan progressed. I simply said that to form a more complete image of God you need to read the entire Bible, cover to cover.”

          You said in an earlier blog..not to take the bible so literally..what is it then? Oh..and God is a serial killer, just read YOUR bible. (:

          • http://myspace.com/illicitparadigm Illicit Paradigm

            Gender is hardly an issue for me. God is simply spoken of in the male gender whether through habit, practice or fact.

            My religious stance is the one area my logical side has never truly overcome. I’ve seen too much and experienced things that may just be attributed to emotion and others to extreme coincidence, but some things I simply can’t rule out. This is how I was raised and I find there are striking similarities if one isn’t bound by literal textual writings and takes into consideration method over miracle. My faith and my reason have always seemed to coexist, hard to explain why. I don’t expect someone to believe me or my beliefs simply by me trying to explain or demonstrate them. Any belief as important to me as this one, if truly meant, can’t be truly obtained by just conversation. To me faith and my religion is something lived, not something spoken about in passing or through debate. I will witness and I will share as per the grand edict. I will study and be knowledgable of my faith in all aspects, as well as in the religions of others. You can’t believe in something fully until you look at all sides of the coin. I have yet to be swayed away from my faith by naysayers or other religions. So here I am. Oh, and thank you for the kind words about my intelligence. Sometimes science and religion can mingle amiably, it just takes a look from the sidelines to see it. Suffice to say I’ve never been a popular voice among either side (thus the screenname).

            There is a difference between literal and complete. You can take into consideration and research all of God’s actions throughout the entire Bible looking at it in a sequential manner and may see a bit better where I’m coming from. Most people however, get locked onto the OT, the discipline God doled out and can’t move on. They dismiss the loving, caring acts as nothing more than fluff or an attempt to try and save face. As for God being a serial killer, if a man is put on death row for crimes committed, are the members of the jury all killers? Is the judge? Is the executioner? I guess it all stems from one’s viewpoint and opinions.

            • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

              I continue to find it interesting that you continue to claim the monopoly on the Bible’s true meaning. You understand it, but everyone else seems to not have the complete understanding. You claim that we take it out of context, but then you seem to reject much of the Bible yourself and take verses out of context to justify your views. I will again recommend the book, “The History of God” by Karen Armstrong. This book talks about how the concept of God evolved over time. She also writes a book dealing with the evolution of the Bible called, “The Bible: A Biography.” As for the NT being good and the OT being bad, I talked about that already too: http://www.dangeroustalk.net/?p=141

              • http://myspace.com/illicitparadigm Illicit Paradigm

                Quote me on the use of monopoly and my claims therein.

                I apply my own conscience and how I believe the word is meant. I studied theology and the Bible under a few prof’s that helped me understand my method. It isn’t for everyone, apparently. If you can’t stand behind your views and call them the ‘right one’ why believe in them in the first place? Funny that now you are not slamming my views, but rather the fact that I stand behind them as fervently as I do.

                • http://www.myspace.com/DD_NU4EVER Diana

                  Is your soap box holding up well…I was afraid it might crumble under the massive weight of your head…lol, jk jk,

                  The bottom line here is that god is imaginary. He is what we make him to be. People can convince themselves of anything. The bible is vague and easily used as a weapon against human kind, thus it is detrimental to our existence.

                  I’m much like you, in that I study all religions…I simply love mythology! You really should read the books Staks suggested. With a clear outlook on the FACTS of history you can see that in no way is it possible that all this “god” stuff is accurate…and if there were a god of some kind there is no, absolutely no way it’s the christian god. For all the deepness and powers people give this “god” the book still contradicts itself in many areas but especially in the NT, because it was written by men and not god…and any all knowing super being of any sort would know the evil impact writing such a book would have as people fight over it’s meaning. But there is no god and people waste their precious lives on their knees worshiping the heavens for fear of damnation…

                  The christian god is nothing but a pon people move about in their narcissistic minds to justify their biases and make them feel special. He’s nothing but a tool for politicians and evil man to gain favor and wage war with. If he exists how angry he must be at George Bush and all people who justify their beliefs and motives using his name to give them weight…a little off topic, lol but I am passionate about the evils of religion, all religion, for whatever good people do in the name of their fairy tales is far, far outweighed by the evils done in the name of false deities.

  • Tomkinson

    Do you find it disturbing and creepy seeing animals mate on the discovery channel or catching cats fucking in the back yard? I don’t believe there is a God watching me but if I believed in God the only thing weird about that idea would be if God could somehow be turned on or wish to participate in the proceedings or was a palpable threat/presence to either participant. There are other arguments that could be made from a Biblical perspective particularly regarding the notions of shame and embarrassment that came with eating forbidden fruit, but this is too silly to contemplate further. Your thoughts on this are even worse than that limitlessly ignorant one about the Tower of Babel. You should demand your money back from WCU.

    • existential blues

      What you said hardly makes a shred of sense. Are you saying, in efect, that “there is no God, so just don’t worry about it, you stupid moron”?

      You’re batting pretty close to zero in the argumentation department.

      • Tomkinson

        You ARE batting zero in the comprehension department. I destroyed the arguments in the Israel thread.

        As for this issue I (clearly) said I don’t believe in God but if I did I wouldn’t find the idea of God’s omniscience with respect to my sexcapades any more perverted or creepy than a human observing their sea-monkeys mate.

        Game Over

  • http://myspace.com/blackhawk089 Matt

    Well, on the surface of course we all value our privacy. However, I assume you shop for groceries? You know all those magazines at the front…well…those have other people’s business (“celebrities”) crawling out the pages and people eat it up. But if one becomes the person on that magazine…then all of a sudden privacy is a huge deal to them, we don’t think about it until we are the one being scrutinized.

    Also, you have such a closed minded idea here. There are a few assumptions you also are making as well. One being that God acts as we do….that he “see’s” what we do…as if he has eyeball’s and is watching….another being that you misunderstand the nature of God. When the Bible speaks of God being omnipresent I cannot think of any such reference that speaks of anything but God in the spiritual sense. (i.e. the “Holy Spirit”) So is God everywhere? Yes. Does he “see” everything….hmmmm not so sure about that one…knowing and “seeing” are 2 very different things. We as humans see….does God “see”?

    Also, I like how you automatically jump to the most perverted thing you could think of and talk about that. Anyone watching others have sex (without them knowing or consenting) is perverted, and wondering why God would do this is a huge problem that assumes things which are simply not true about the nature of God.

    • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

      Matt, you missed the point. But on another note, if were made in God’s image and we have eyes, than it follows that the image we were made from would also have eyes.

      • http://myspace.com/blackhawk089 Matt

        No I got the point, but what you don’t understand is that I am addressing the underlying issues that your conclusion is based on.

        Also, there is no way to 100% understand what “being made in God’s Image” exactly entails. It could simply mean that we have a spiritual side unlike any other creature on earth….

      • Tomkinson

        You have NO comprehension of the bible whatsoever and should cease trying to interpret it. Start by studying Hebrew, particularly the debates over the word “tselem”, translated very loosely as “image”, and you will see what I mean.

        It is true that in the earliest conceptions the God of Abraham was more anthropomorphic, but at that stage he was not omniscient, for example when he is told of lurid goings on in Sodom and Gomorrah God reacts like “Really? I had no idea!” (the exact quote escapes but it is something like that) so your non-problem
        is solved.

        In later developments when God is all-knowing he is also “everywhere present” and thus non-physical. Please do your son a favor and stop humiliating him. The internet will still be here when he and his friends grow up.

        • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

          Tomkinson, I read parts of Genesis is Hebrew when I was thirteen. I knew Hebrew then as it was brainwashed into me. Admittedly, I am rusty, but the term still means image or likeness. However, you missed the point. You then talk about how the idea of God has evolved and changed. Of course!!! I agree with you, but Matt doesn’t. To Matt, God always was “everywhere present” and that is the point. Whether he has eye balls or not is irrelevant.

          For the record, I am not interpretation the Bible, I am simply reading it and laughing. Christians interpret the Bible and I am talking about those interpretation. Jews interpret the Bible completely differently. That is not what I am talking about here.

          You simply like to disagree to be disagreeable. I could post a blog tomorrow saying that one plus one equals two and you will still find some reason to whine and disagree. You’d probably call me “ignorant of mathematics” or a “Number Bigot” or something.

  • Linda

    I’m amazed that you have nothing better to do with your life than blog on things you know nothing about.

    • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

      By all means, educate me!