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Christianity: The Glass Is Completely Empty

One of the most prominent themes in Christianity is that everyone is an evil sinner. One Christian I talked to recently put it this way, “We are all wicked, evil doers. ‘There is no one who does good, not even one,’ Romans 3:12.”

Through the lens of Christianity, the glass is completely empty. Through the lens of reality, I however see the glass as half-full. I see people as doing good things and bad things. I admit that I often try to see people as being good and accepting that they do bad things sometimes, but the claim that people are always wicked is just ridiculous.

Of course Christianity has to have this position because it has to create a problem for everyone so that it can come along with the only solution. It is classic manipulation. It can’t just be that some people are wicked and need help, no… Christianity as a system is more ambitious.

But here is the best part of this argument. All we really have to do is disagree. All we have to do is assert that not everyone is wicked and that even the Christian who spouts off this nonsense is not wicked, they are just wrong. They have been brainwashed by these ridiculous beliefs that have made them into a hateful people. But they are not a hateful person deep down. We just have to point out that they want to help other people whenever they can; they are just doing it wrong.

What can they really say to that? Are they really going to claim that I am wrong and that they really are a wicked person and that they really don’t want to help others? They have backed themselves into a corner here.

If they say they are trying to save people’s souls because they care about them, that contradicts their view that we are all wicked and “there is no one who does good, not even one.” They just disproved their own Bible.

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