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What Republicans Think

Yesterday I was at the polling booth all day talking to mostly socially liberal Republicans. Some of which told me they planned to vote for Obama. Others said that Obama is too polarizing and won’t budge on any issue. That one was comical because I don’t think there is an issue Obama hasn’t tried to appease the Republicans on. The funniest moment for me what when a Republican told me that Fox News was… wait for it… fair and balanced.

The Republicans did run the gambit on issues. Some of the more socially liberal Republicans agreed with me on legalizing pot and gay marriage. I met middle ground with them on gun laws too. But the more hardcore Republicans insisted that gay marriage would destroy America, but when I asked how he just restated that position with a, “you’ll see” at the end of it.

The Republicans seemed okay with Romney, but there was a Ron Paul woman working the polls that even the Republicans weren’t fans of. The Republicans told me about the Ron Paul plot to become convention delegates and override the vote’s decision at the convention so that Paul could be the nominee.

For VP, the best choice most Republicans preferred was NJ Governor Chris Christie. Marco Rubio of Florida was the second choice with Republicans fearing a “Palin Pick.” When I brought up Santorum’s name, the Republicans I talked to were united in their glee that he was out of the race. They were not a fan with one prominent Republican saying that Ricky shouldn’t have weighed in on the Terry Shiavo case when he was Senator.

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