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Primary Time!

Well, today is primary day and I will once again be away from my computer the whole day. Three years ago, I wrote myself in when voting on various local offices that didn’t have a democratic candidate and to my surprise I got a letter telling me that I won the election for Minority Election Inspector. So now, on Primary Day and Election Day I sit at the polling booth.

The fun part for me is talking to my co-workers and the politicians. You see, my precinct is almost entirely Republican and few if any Democratic candidates come around. Republican candidates on the other hand love to come out. So I get to talk to all these people about politics and religion… outside the polling place when it is slow.

I should also mention that my area is pretty Catholic and most of my co-workers love to gossip about the drama of their local church. While they tend to be Republican, they also tend to be socially pretty liberal and so that gets into all kinds of fun conversations.

Last time, I had a great time asking the Republicans who they wanted their candidate for President to be. This time I get to ask them, how they like their candidate? Will they vote for him? Will they campaign for him? And who they want for VP? It should be fun.

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