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Much To Do about Nothing

Apparently “Nothing” is almost all there is in the Universe and that “Nothing” is something after all. Last night, I attended a lecture by Dr. Lawrence Krauss about his new book, A Universe from Nothing: Why There Is Something Rather than Nothing.

It was an awesome lecture and I learned a lot about cosmology, the age of the universe, and how we know what we know about the universe. However, I almost certainly won’t be able to explain it. It was pretty complicated stuff and I don’t know it well enough to explain it. Fortunately, Dr. Krauss does.

While I talked about the substance of the lecture a little bit in my Examiner article, what I found more interesting was the theological implications. As we learn more about nothing, we start to understand more about the universe.

Krauss makes the argument that Edwin Hubble did for the creation of the universe what Charles Darwin did for the creation of man. Both men presented evidence which takes God out of the process. This leaves religious believers with nowhere to go. The gaps are closing and God is left out.

The lecture itself was educational and fun. Krauss had fun playing with the word “nothing” and cracking jokes about string theory (which he notoriously opposes). Hopefully his book will have the same wit and humor as his lecture. It is interesting to note that Christopher Hitchens was working on the forward to the book, but never finished it. Richard Dawkins wrote the afterward.

Buy the book: A Universe from Nothing: Why There Is Something Rather than Nothing.

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  • downtown dave

    A better book to get concerning the origination of the universe is the Bible. It was inspired by the One who created it. http://atheistlegitimacy.blogspot.com/

    • http://twitter.com/DangerousTalk Staks Rosch

      Hilarious! Good thing too because it saved your comment from deletion. Consider this a warning, don’t use my blog to advertise your crappy blog (atheists feel free).

  • Dlevitt0508

    Religion is not a question of fact, or even fiction. It is merely a method of control of the masses. You do not have to disprove religion, religion disproves itself. When man determined he could not beat one into following him he invented religion which offered a primitive society devoid of science the answers they craved to help quell an uncertain existence and even more uncertain death. It offered him an eternal womb which shielded him mentally, emotionally, from the realities of what was at the time a fairly cruel existence and uncertain death, which science is on the verge of decoding as well by the way, see telomerase protein therapy studies, and delivered him willingly to the interpreters of this faith. Hence Gods and later Jesus was created and so shall they go.