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Amnesty for Billionaires

The Republican’s say that we should cut taxes on the “Job Creators” because they don’t have enough money to create jobs. However they seem to have a lot of money to buy politicians. Then the Republicans are pushing to drop corporate taxes dramatically for a limited time to “Repatriate” money back into the country. But what they are really demanding is amnesty for billionaires.

First, it should pointed out that if the “Job Creators” need money to create jobs, why do they have all this money socked away in the Cayman Islands? The fact is that these people have cheated on their taxes. They have hid their money away in order to break the law and not pay their fair share. Now they need that money to buy more politicians, but they don’t want to pay their fair share so they are demanding amnesty.

They aren’t going to create jobs, lol. If they really wanted to create jobs, they would just spend less on politicians and/or withdraw money from their Cayman accounts and pay taxes on it. Then they could expand their business, create jobs, and make more money. Instead, they are so concerned with cheating on their taxes to save a few dollars that they can’t spend any of their Cayman money at all.

We should not be giving amnesty to billionaires who have decided to fuck the American people by cheating on their taxes. If they really are “Job Creators” let them create jobs. As it is, they are just rich criminals trying to buy a free ride from the law.

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