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Strawman Christianity

One thing I hate is when Christians attempt to redefine my position and then argue against their newly created position as if that is actually the position that I hold. In philosophy this is called a “strawman” argument. So I thought it might be fun to do the same thing to Christians.

Yeah, this is a dishonest way to argue and all that jazz, but it is also fun and it might actually get Christians to understand what a strawman argument actually is. So in suggesting thing, I am doing so out of humor and not suggesting someone argue this way with in a serious fashion. I hope people will argue this way to make the point clear to Christians who use this argument to show them what they are doing and why it is an invalid way to argue.

Christianity is defined as being a Christ. So Christians believe they are God and need to be worshipped. That’s a pretty narcissistic position to hold, don’t you think? If a Christian doesn’t believe that they are a Christ, then they aren’t really a Christian and should use a different term to describe themselves.

That’s the meme, pass it on.

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