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Christians Hate Plan B

It is a small victory for science and reason, but at least it is a step in the right direction. A Federal Judge has overturned the Religious Right driven restriction on Emergency Contraceptives. Under the Bush Administration, the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) restricted the purchase of the “Morning After Pill” to women eighteen years or older. That has now changed slightly to seventeen years or older, but it has also paved the way for “Plan B” as it is called to be an over-the-counter item.

Christian groups are of course furious because their view is that sex equals baby and any steps a woman takes to prevent that are akin to murder. Please note that I said any steps that a “woman” takes. I say this because the majority of religious groups don’t seem to have a problem with condoms (although a good number do). Condoms are on sale at pharmacies, supermarkets, and even convenience stores (how convenient) without the need for a photo ID check.

Another problem that many Christian groups have with this pill is that they claim that it will make teens more promiscuous. I am still waiting to hear what the problem is. I guess this goes along with Original Sin and how sex is evil and bad. I really don’t see a problem with promiscuous, safe, and consensual sex. But that is a blog for another day.

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  • aaron

    the christian and religious society feels its their business to tell others how to live their sexual lives.they do it with our foreign policy,our drug laws, our education and all in between. who could have ever imagined a group of people who cherish an out dated fantasy world and deity could influence and invade our lives so thoroughly to our detriment.

  • Scott

    These religious people are uptight because they can never relieve themselves unless they are making a baby.

    Why do they care about the sex restrictions from the bible in the old testament? Why don’t they try to ban Red Lobster or Long John Silvers from serving seafood. Why don’t they try to force an embargo against Japan because they eat alot of seafood? Why don’t they close their Christian stores on Sunday. Why don’t they try to get working on Sunday banned? Why don’t they sell all their possessions so they can get into heaven?

    Christians are fucking hypocrites. They follow some of their book but not the whole thing! If they can fucking eat seafood and work on Sunday, then they can fucking not be so uptight on sex related issues. We have the stance against condom use in Africa thing and the Pope saying that condoms spread STDs.

    I don’t understand how some many people can be so stupid to believe in religion. But this is what happens: The church becomes a major part of their lives early on in life and fulfills many social needs. Churches also have a monopoly on being the community centers of the towns and cities. Sometimes I think we perhaps need a way for us non-religious people to create something to fill the void. If we can remove people’s dependence on the church for community needs, then they might be more willing to escape their indoctrine.

  • http://www.myspace.com/andrewtheatheist AndrewtheAtheist

    Cue “Keep your Jesus of my Penis”. Do you think Mr. Schwartz could come out with a female sequal to this song? Too bad nothing rhymes with “vagina”.

  • Colleen

    misery loves company and if Christians can’t be kinky and “active” than no one can…Come one why do we feel the need to even discuss why Christians are against this, these people are trained not to think and therefore the accurate critical thinking of the fact that teens will engage in sexual activity regardless and the idea of preventing the negative outcome of this is just the critical thinking that Christians are encouraged not to have. If they had the critical thinking to understand this simple idea they might go so far as to think critically about their own beliefs and we can’t have that now can we….

  • Barry

    Well, sex is a heavy thing, emotionally and psychologically, so, I agree that teens should not be promiscuous. The problem is, they ARE, and they shouldn’t have to be saddled with a kid, and babies should not be saddled with teen parents, just because teens are stupid with their bodies, and because contraception, pre or post sex contraception, was restricted by govt..

    • http://www.myspace.com/warinwald Belteshaz’zar

      The reason sex is a heavy thing is because our culture, and many like it, place taboos on sex, sex is a light and happy thing, those who are consistently having good sex are generally much happier than those who are not.
      stigma about sex is (in my opinion) one of the most damaging things that we do all the time, not to say we should glorify it either which we also do in the same breath we place the stigma.
      sex is natural, healthy and doctor recommended if we presented sex as what it is from a very young age we would remove a large number of the myths, ridiculous standards, and confusion which makes sex “heavy” and in many ways dangerous, mentally and physically, to those involved.

      • Barry

        Certainly, you’re right, but, when we’re talking about teens, I think it is a whole different ball game. Young teens, 13-17, shouldn’t be having sex. It just isn’t in their best interests, with or without contraception. The emotional impact of being that intimate with someone is very powerful. So is the psychological impact of it. And teens are not mature enough to fully appreciate and effectively deal with those impacts. Not as much as adults are. And whether that is due to societal hang ups and societal encumbrances surrounding sex, or not, matters not.

        That SAID, the reality is, teens are gonna “do it”. They ought to be aware of the need to use contraception, and able to get it easily.

        • http://www.myspace.com/rox1smf Rox

          I agree entirely with what you’re saying, and that’s why children (and many adults) need comprehensive, no bullshit education about human sexuality; which is exactly what the fundies don’t want people to have. As long as such a base animal instinct can be manipulated in such a way as to keep people stupid, afraid and oppressed it’ll be wielded as a weapon against them.

          Sort of, but not really, I’m on a mission to teach young girls that they ought to embrace a few “traditional values” with a modern twist, and put an actual PRICE on their virtue. Long ago a man would go off to “make his fortune” and then return to make the woman he wanted his bride. Until and unless some worthy suitor can come up with cash money in the amount a girl’s asking (and it IS her choice), there are an abundance of products available that’ll take care of any sexual itch that needs scratching without the attendant possibilities of pregnancy, STDs or plain old heartbreak that comes with taking – and losing – a human lover.

          If they’re not going to hold out for a bride price, they really need to know how to protect themselves from ALL of the negative consequences of sex… and “you’ll go to Hell” is clearly not a stern enough warning in light of the number of teen pregnancies among the faithful. Cheers to President Obama for being rational!

        • existential blues

          If you think that 17-year-olds should never have sex, then you’d better make a good case (because they will). In the old days, before we had the artificial extended childhood (that lasts until 21+, for the college-bound), by the time the average person was 18, he already had a spouse and a small family. The idea that older teenagers shouldn’t have sex is unnatural.

          Why did God give teenagers such strong sex drives, if abstention is the way it should be? How big an *ssh*le must he be?

          • http://myspace.com/blackhawk089 Matt

            “Why did God give teenagers such strong sex drives, if abstention is the way it should be?”

            Exactly. 17 is the sexual peak for men, and woman is like 35. (which is really funny to me…but thats another story) Woman are also most fertile at a young age.

            We ARE sexual beings….and “The emotional impact of being that intimate with someone is very powerful.” that Barry was talking about is EXACTLY why it is in our best interest as humans to wait until we find a person we can live our life with to commit to the emotions involved in sex. We WERE made to be having sex….alot….but not with alot of different people. This is especially true for middleschool-highschool aged kids, having multiple partners creates very difficult emotions and even more so for girls. The cure all? Love.

            • Scott

              “Exactly. 17 is the sexual peak for men, and woman is like 35. ”

              Well, that explains why older women are so fricken horny while the younger women don’t express it as much.

          • A-Dizzle

            Considering that most adults didn’t make it to their 30s for the vast majority of human history, having kids at 17 (or earlier) was actually a pretty good time to do so. That would give a child a a good ten years or so of nurturing. Now that the average age is into the late 70s, evolution hasn’t caught up to technology, so our hormones are still the most active when we are in our teens.

            Secondly, about women being in their prime at 35, I don’t even know how much I believe that. The girls seemed just as horny as the guys in High School, they just don’t talk about it as much.

            • http://myspace.com/blackhawk089 Matt

              That is actually true….I didn’t make it up. Good point in your fist paragraph though about many not amking it to 30.

  • http://www.myspace.com/warinwald Belteshaz’zar

    I really cannot understand the christian view of sex, mainly because it is almost the complete opposite of how the bible presents sex. Leah rapes Jacob and gives birth, literally to the nation of Israel, the line of David was possible because she pretended to be another girl and had sex with a drunk guy (who was pretty pissed in the morning).
    Solomon had (according to the bible) a thousand lovers, and the only reason God was pissed off was because they were from other nations.
    Sure I will conceit that there is no birth control in the bible, but not because it is morally questionable, they simply did not have birth control. And to say that it is not natural to not have a baby after having sex, bonobos, genetically the animals closest to humans, have sex all the time, including same gender sex, oral and the like for social reasons not simply for offspring. Ultimately I think everyone can agree that there are way too many children in this world without families for everyone to have a child every year.
    As for killing an unborn baby,
    “When people who are fighting injure a pregnant woman so that there is a miscarriage, and yet no further harm follows, the one responsible shall be fined what the woman’s husband demands, paying as much as the judges determine. 23 If any harm follows, then you shall give life for life, 24 eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, 25 burn for burn, wound for wound, stripe for stripe.”
    obviously the writers of the bible saw an unborn children as something less than human, even late in the pregnancy, not to say i agree but the bible spells it out pretty clear.

    I am very pleased to hear about this break through, basing the laws of a nation on unfounded moralistic nonsense, which hurts many more than it protects, is absolute bullshit and no one spiritual or secular should put up with it.

  • http://www.myspace.com/rothtalltales Tralf

    Blaming contraception for teen promiscuity is like blaming matches for forest fires.


    • http://www.myspace.com/warinwald Belteshaz’zar

      it is really more like blaming fire proof blankets for forest fires

    • Scott

      And the reality to forest fires is that forest fires aren’t that bad if they are allowed to happen naturally. But we suppress fire so that so many dead matter builds up that what should be a quick ground fire thru the sapling layer is now a roaring fire that burns the canopies of the trees doing more damage than multiple smaller forest fires. The longleaf pine cover type in the southern US that used to be common is no more thanks to fire suppression.

      And just like how fire suppression is not necessarily good, sexual suppression may not be all that good either.

  • CRDFilm

    We all know that sex is only for procreation – hence the reason Christians are so against any type of gay relationship – and more new people coming into the world means more asses in the pews and more money in the offering plate (and that’s why Catholics hate contraceptives).

  • http://myspace.com/blackhawk089 Matt

    “Original Sin and how sex is evil and bad”

    Woe woe lol….put the scarecrow back in your hat staks. Just cause old people are…old, and happen to be Christians, and are ridiculously set in their ways…doesn’t justify you to pull out such a comment as if the Bible or anything God has ever said indicates that sex is in any way evil or bad. Thats just not the case….while yes the Bible says sex is to be saved for married between 1 man and 1 woman…thats an entirely different matter than the above comment.

    I this it’s terribly pathetic how parents (many many Christian families I know) told their children NOTHING of sex, and they learned it all from tv and school. Thats just pathetic and sad….for some reason people get this idea like it’s this evil thing not to be talked about, I don’t get that at all. It is even more pathetic when you get to be a teenager and join a youth group, and they STILL don’t talk about it….at least not much…but I have NEVER come across a youth group that has talked about masturbation ….stuff like that needs to be talked about in a productive way. Anyways…yeah.

    Just my little rant :P

    • http://www.dangeroustalk.net Staks

      I’ll get to some of that rant with Monday’s Daily Blog. But I do want to point out that in my Sex Education class in Public School (6th grade), we did learn about sex and masturbation. Matt, if you think Christianity has nothing to do with the sigma against Sex and Sexuality, than you really are clueless. I have to say if that is really your position than I think i have lost quite a bit of respect for you. Even the fact that your Christian youth groups never talked about masturbation is evidence of that. But I will talk about that more on Monday.

    • http://www.myspace.com/warinwald Belteshaz’zar

      The Christian ethic is certainly responsible for ignorance and the demonizing of sex, if you haven’t noticed the religious right is composed of many age groups.
      The simple fact that Mary was a virgin, and Jesus never married, so assuming never had sex is very damaging, what kind of message does it send when the perfect person you are supposed to strive to be like doesn’t have sex, and encourages people to leave their families and follow him.
      As for original sin, there is a notion that sex happened as a result of sin, if the bible writer (or god) had a favorable opinion of sex you think adam and eve would have enjoyed it before sin.
      Tell me where in the bible does it say one man one woman, because it seems like the last time i picked up a bible polygyny was pretty popular.

  • Colleen

    i can remember quite clearly them discussing sex in youth group and they even made us sign contracts saying that we would save ourselves for marriage and how important is it was the we stay “pure”. If you ask a group of Dutch teens how important virginity is they would explain that it isn’t that important and there is little pressure from anywhere for them to stay “pure” and that it was a personal decision. You ask a bunch of American teens the same question and they would tell you it’s more important than anything (even if they didn’t save themselves they will still claim guilt for losing virginity) it’s just another shinning example of the religious right terrorizing people. Sex is biologically and evolutionarily set in our chemistry to fuck as much as possible with as many people as possible which is why my husband and i do not hold each other to the impossible standard of only having sex with each other for the rest of forever and anyone with logic, and an understanding of evolution and compassion would do the same.

  • Ryan

    I still don’t understand why people call them “religous right”, if they are trying to take other peoples rights away are’nt they on the left? Just because they call themselves “conservatives” (What ever the hell that is)doesn’t mean they are on the right. In my understanding Right=individual freedoms, no government intervention in peoples lives, laisezz faire capitalism. Whatever they call themselves they are still on the left if they get a big club, a pitch fork, and all their nuts-o friends and go linching, or any other form of tyranny.