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My Prayer Carpet

The "Prayer Rug"

Image by theothermattm via Flickr

The other day, I received a “Prayer Carpet” in the mail. This church out in Oklahoma sent out a letter with writing all over the envelope addressed to “Current Resident.” The envelope was pretty think too. Inside, it contained a piece of paper folded several times. It had the printed image of a carpet on it. The design was a face of Jesus wish his eyes closed and it said “Prayer carpet” on it.

The letter inside talked about generic stories of people who have prayed on similar prayer carpets and have had their prayers come true. I was told that I should send the prayer carpet back to the church with a sizable donation of course so that other people could use my prayer carpet (as if they didn’t print out thousands of them).

Here comes the interesting part. The letter states that some people have reported a seeing a miracle after praying on the prayer carpet. Apparently, while staring at the face of Jesus, his eyes miraculously opened. This was a sign from God that the prayer had been received.

Of course after careful inspection of the “prayer carpet” you can see that there is actually a hidden image of eye balls in the closed eyes of Jesus. This was part of the printing design sort of like a magic eye optical illusion. In other words, the people who made this prayer carpet are consciously trying to deceive people. Shocker, I know.

I bet a lot of people fall for this shit too. Well, the jokes on them, because I’m keeping my prayer carpet, lol.

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