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“God’s Politics” @ The Dollar Store

I sometimes get accused of focusing too much on the religious right and not giving the religious left a fair hearing. While I don’t actually think this is the case, a few years ago I decided to put an end to such accusations. I went to the library and borrowed the book, “God’s Politics” by the Reverend Jim Wallis, founder of Sojourner’s Magazine. Wallis is known for being the liberal counterpart to James Dobson.

After reading his book, I had a lot of criticisms of it. In fact, I have sort of developed a bit of strong dislike for the man and admit that I love to pick on him whenever the opportunity arises. Last week, the opportunity has arisen.

I went to a dollar store (The Dollar Tree) and found that they were selling the hard cover version of Wallis’s book… for a dollar. As far as books go, hard cover books in the dollar store means only one thing. The book is done. No one is buying it… not even for a dollar. I hope all his books end up at The Dollar Tree.

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