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Atheist Christian Apologists

Since well known atheists like Richard Dawkins and others have been vocal in their criticism of religion there has been a backlash by a few other atheists like Greg Epstein. Some atheists have been inspired by the “four horsemen” while other have decided to take a different approach. That’s fine, not all atheists have to agree but for some reason some atheists have actually taken the position of defending Christianity.

I understand that some atheists think we can work with liberal Christians against the religious right. But when atheists go out if their way to defend Christianity and act as Christian apologists, that just seems perverse. Currently, the most famous of these atheist Christian Apologists is S.E. Cupp. Most people suspect that she is probably religious right tactic rather than someone who personally doesn’t believe in a deity. On the other hand, I have talked to a (small) number of atheists just like S.E. Cupp, but without the beauty and the book deals.

Part of this type of anti-atheist atheism comes from a resentment of Dawkins and/or a resentment of the growing atheist/humanist community. These apologists see any atheist who is critical of religion as a “Dawkins clone” and yet many of us have been critical of religion long before “The God Delusion” was published.

Christianity preaches that people ought to believe in certain facts about the world on insufficient reasoning. Faith is the virtue and (poor) reasoning is a mere justification for those who aren’t virtuous enough to believe on faith alone. It boggles my mind that any atheist would defend such a world view. What is more mind boggling is that these atheists admit that the Christian world view is wrong and yet they will defend that view rather than promoting critical thinking and a legitimate search for real testable answers to life’s questions.

This should not be confused as supporting and defending someone’s right to believe in wrong and even unreasonable positions. That is not what I am talking about here. I am talking about the ideas themselves.

It is like defending the proposition that 1 + 1 = 3 and then saying that you really know that it is 2, but that the previous proposition shouldn’t be marked wrong just because it actually is wrong.

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